Tuesday, April 05, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 04-05-05 ("any mention of impeachment or revolution gets instantly shot down")

There has always been a strong element of doom and gloom in DUmmieland but during the past few days I’ve noticed a big uptick in this trend judging by such threads as, “"I've had enough. rant,” "I don't understand why they don't take bush down now,” "The Egg, Pie, and Salad Dressing Rebellion," "Republican Fatigue," and now the current somewhat incorrectly titled THREAD, “any mention of impeachment or revolution gets instantly shot down.” Actually nearly ALL mention of impeachment or revolution in DUmmieland is strongly supported. So why this recent rash Left-Wing visions of the political apocalypse? My guess is that harsh reality is seeping through to the leftist cocoon of DUmmieland. DUmmies are now realizing that BUSH WON in November, that NO election fraud by the EVIL Republicans will ever be proved despite them sending copious funds to Bev Harris, that they can BEEEELEEEVE all they want but John Kerry wasn’t inaugurated on January 20, that the Jeff Gannon “scandal” did not lead to the removal of the EVIL Bush regime, that the Terry Schiavo death will not mean the breakup of the Republican coalition, and now NO ONE is paying the least bit of attention to the DUmmiecrat wacko agenda due to the Pope’s death. Yes, reality is a bitch for the DUmmies. NOTHING is going their way. They can desperately grasp at straws of complete insignificance but even they must know now that it will make NO DIFFERENCE. Oooh! Oooh! A moth in Panama just flew into a flame and burned up---this MUST lead to the end of the end of the EVIL Bush Regime. Sound ridiculous? Not any more ridiculous than the many other insignificant straws they are grasping at. And, of course, they know deep down that this is the TRUTH which only makes them ever more desperate and, thankfully for our entertainment pleasure, FUnnie. Therefore let us look at the latest outbreak of DUmmie desperation scrawled out in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, assuring the DUmmies that the burning of that Panamanian moth WILL lead to the end of the Bush Regime, is in the [brackets]:

any mention of impeachment or revolution gets instantly shot down not by all, but by most. just suggest impeaching bush for any number of treasonous acts, and you are instantly explained away.

[Not really, DUmmie mopaul. Despite a few LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS who calmly try to explain to you that you have neither the grounds nor the support for impeachment, such threads are grasped instantly by the vast majority of your fellow DUmmies and supported. As for revolution, that illegal activity is also supported by the majority of the DUmmies although most of them would rather conduct such revolution sitting on their butts in front of the computer screen.]

…and just try to suggest the notion of taking our government back from the neoconazis and the explaining away begins. 'they control it all', 'it's pointless, they've gotten too powerful', 'people just aren't in the right mood for a revolution'.

[Or the silly notion that “they just won an election."]

…and the assholes stomp all over us and laugh at our lack of action. the world looks on in amazement and wonders why we are allowing it.

[At least you are correct about us laughing at you but the world does NOT look on in amazement…yet. For that we have to wait for the publication of the DUmmie FUnnies Book (with CD-ROM insert for the related comix stories).]

The Revolution Will Not Be Blogged. When it happens, don't look for it online.

[Please don’t disappoint the DUmmies. They would much prefer to sit on their fat asses and conduct a revolution on the computer screen deep in the dark corners of their parents’ basements.]

How are you going to impeach him right now? Get half the pubs in the House and Senate over to our side?

[Yeah. That will work…in your own alternate reality.]

In the midst of the depression in 1932, it didn't take a revolution--it just took a majority of people to be aggravated enough to throw the bastards out. And that's where I think we're headed--it will take some bad times for it to hit home with the average person, that they've been taken to the cleaners, that they've been lied to and abused, all to fill the pockets of the wealthy in the country. When they figure that out, they will get angry and throw the bastards out, but probably not until the bad times poke them in the chest a couple of times, hard.

[Pray for economic depression. It’s our ONLY salvation.]

What I would rather see than violence is perhaps a sophisticated version of civil strife--mass slowdowns on the job, strikes, lots of monkey wrenches in the works. But, truthfully, I don't think this administration would notice--and if they did, the result would be more repression. The real problem today is that too many people believe the Republicans are acting in the people's best interests--that's why they keep voting for the bastards. That why I say that hard times are far more likely than genuine revolution.

[And don’t forget the Diebold machines. We OWN the Diebold machines.]

They control it all. They've gotten too powerful. People don't give enough of a shit for a revolution…What exactly are you proposing?

[I am proposing more Primal Scream Therapy. It is SOOOO entertaining to hear.]

i'm proposing action and i'm not advocating violence. and no, i don't have a big plan all worked out, i can barely type and drink coffee at the same time. just something, anything is all. any kind of action would be good.

[How about just doing what you are already doing, DUmmie mopaul---impotently jumping up and down while screaming until you are Bolshevik Red in the face.]

if you advocate change you should have something proposed unless of course the point of this is simply to blow smoke.

[Apparently DUmmie mopaul is just blowing smoke…as usual.]

you have proven my point that we are all living under the illusion that there's NOTHING we can do to stop these maniacs. it's an illusion.

[An illusion just like your rantings here, DUmmie mopaul. I love how you complain about DUmmie inaction yet you provide NO plan for action.]

so enlighten us what's your solution? If you've got ideas, I would love to hear them.

[You have a loooong wait if you expect to hear anything solid from DUmmie mopaul.]

some refuse to be enlightened by my glorious ass and i'm not going out of my way to reach them. if you don't want a revolution, fine. why ask my crazy ass? me and you are in the same boat.

[Great bitch and moan shtick you got there, DUmmie mopaul. Of course you have absolutely NO INFORMATION to give to your fellow DUmmies after all that impotent ranting.]

so basically you've got nothing to offer in terms of action understood. We have repeatedly asked for ideas, and you have given none. Being defensive doesn't cover up for the fact that you have suggested no strategy for action.

[BINGO! And DUmmie imenja wins a Kewpie doll for having accurate insight as to the true nature of blowhard DUmmie mopaul.]

I hold out hope that things will turn on shrub and impeachment is possible.

[Yes. Please continue holding your breath while waiting for that to happen.]

if people REALLY think we are powerless, then we will be we need to think differently now, our nation needs us.

[Actually, DUmmie mopaul, the DUmmie FUnnies needs you. The comedic material you supply is priceless.]

We are NOT powerless to change things. But using our power requires being smart about it. Most importantly, we need to devote ourselves to something that actually benefits the American people. Why assume impeachment does that? Have you thought about the chain of secession? Impeach Bush, we get Cheney. Get rid of Cheney, Hastert is next in line, and with Hastert comes Delay. Check out the Presidential Secession Act.

[Somewhere deep in the DUmmieland jungle, a dim light bulb of revelation clicks on over the tiny head of a DUmmie.]

it is our DUTY to overthrow a rotten government.

[Okay, you just blew some more smoke, DUmmie mopaul. Now explain to us HOW you are going to do that. Impeachment won’t work so that leaves only the revolution that you “claim” you don’t want.]

The system must be changed by the people pushing for a multi party system. Research the multi-party possibilities.

[Yeah. The Socialist Workers Party and the Green Party are viable multi-party options. Oh, and don’t forget the Vegetarian Party. They are in the mix as well.]


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