Monday, April 04, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 04-04-05 ("I don't understand why they don't take bush down now")

Welcome to yet another chapter of the Dummieland Hate Bush obsession in this THREAD titled, “I don't understand why they don't take bush down now.” My how the pet DUmmie ants are astir over the very existence of Bush as President. Peer through the glass of my Pet DUmmie Ant Farm as they continue kicking up dust in their circular mill. But let us be thankful for their rage. Angry DUmmie ants are quite entertaining. So sit back and enjoy the show. As usual, the DUmmie ant frothings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, applying more Windex to the DUmmie ant farm glass, is in the [brackets]:

I don't understand why they don't take bush down now.

[Who is “they,” DUmmie Skip Intro? The same white-coated folks who bring you your meds thrice daily? But continue…]

There's proof he lied about Iraq, and that his war is bullshit.

There's proof our Attorney General approved, basically ordered, torture.

The economy is broken, the military is broken, the nation is broke, and its people are turning against each other -

[You left out the part about the sky is falling but continue with your laugh lines, DUmmie Skip Intro…]

the bush regime isn't just a failure, its a threat
what's he still doing there.
what line yet needs to be crossed?

[We already know the sanity barrier line that your mind has crossed. Continue with the rant, DUmmie Skip Intro…]

why the hell have these liars and crooks not been run out of office: by the remaining sane peple in DC? by the courts? by the people of this nation?

how does he still, how do they still get to keep going on, smashing America's heart with a hammer, after all that is evident?

do we not have any self-respect left, as a nation?

how can these people still be there?

[To answer the latter question, let me remind you of a certain election that occurred last November. However, please don’t feel alone in your mental fantasies, DUmmie Skip Intro. As we shall now see, your fellow DUmmies share your bizarre delusions.]

Its because most people still believe that the system works or else they don't, but they don't think there is anything that can change it.

[Change it? How? Impeachment? Yeah, I have a funny feeling some DUmmie here soon will bring up that delusion as inevitably happens with these strange rantings.]

It really pisses me of. Can any American hire an attorney to start an impeachment against the president?

[Sure. No problem. Just look up the section of the Yellow Pages listing impeachment lawyers and give one of them a call.]

Anyone can start impeachment but, the house and senate have to actually do the impeaching. Meaning it ain't gonna happen unless we can take the house and senate by storm in 06. If we can get enough votes we can overcome election fraud and throw the bums on their asses.

[Earth to DUmmieland. It takes a two-thirds vote in the Senate to convict so even if you win EVERY Senate seat in ’06, which WON’T be happening, you still won’t have the necessary votes.]

The system of power that you speak of is running in a parallel universe of its own creation now, isolated from realities like looming financial crises, military overextension, as well as enjoying immunity from the usual checks of our political system and the traditional role of antagonist played by the media. It's been like this ever since one branch of gov't (Judiciary) joined with the GOP to usurp the Executive and of course it's gotten even worse with the institution of Permawar Through Terror and the solidification of One Party Rule through the 2002 midterm elections. It doesn't matter a damn whether people think this system works or not or whether there's something that seems like it could intervene or not. It's a One Party Fascist State now and it will keep chugging along, getting crazier and more abusive until it ends in a big catastrophe, like the Third Reich did.

[DUmmies are quite the experts about living in a parallel universe.]

Stop being shocked that he's president and concentrate on the 2006 election. Then maybe we can talk about impeachment.

[I can already see the DUmmie mantra leading into the ’06 election: Vote for the DUmmiecrats so we can impeach Bush. A winning strategy…NOT.]

Are you saying there is NOTHING the Democrats can do? I don't believe it. There must be something. I have recommended this topic and hope someone else will so maybe we can get more ideas on the table here.

[I have an idea. How about if you impotently scream and yell until you turn Bolshevik Red in the face.]

Right now I feel like a 48-year-old-lady sitting at the video poker machine in the neighborhood bar, tapping the cigarette ash with the bejeweled skinny finger. She's got the early onset wrinkles. She's seen her factory closing. Her man left long ago. She's bitter, and there's nothing she wants to do besides gamble her cares away.

[Is that you, Faye?]

Have you seen Godfather Part II? Bush has buffers. Bush has made it very easy for any mistakes to be attributable to disposable underlings.

[Let’s go fishing, Fredo.]

Yet another great Godfather/BFEE analogy...There's sooo many of them...

[I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!]

Yeah but somewhere in a parallel universe. President Gore is working on finishing up 16 years of peace and prosperity *sigh*.

[In that parallel universe, is President Gore still stuffing his pants with artificial crotch enhancers aka socks?]

I talk and talk and talk until I'm blue in the face, but much of the time it's to no avail. So many times I thought I had convinced someone, and then the Puppet-in-Chief and his cable news pundits play right into their emotions with their rhetorical talking points. But if I told these same people all that I really know, they'd probably find a way to lock me up too.

[I hate to be the one to inform you but you are already locked up in the DUmmie Ant Farm which is like a FUnnie Farm for tiny minded critters.]


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