Thursday, March 31, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-31-05 ("Has your opinion of Dennis Kucinich changed since 2004?")

There is a movement in Dummieland to support a Dennis Kucinich candidacy for president in 2008. I say bring it on! The Evil Elf is even more unelectable than Hillary Clinton. Another plus is that the Evil Elf is sure to provide LOTS of comedy material for future editions of the DUmmie FUnnies. Right now the publishers are a bit wary of a DUmmie FUnnies book project (with CD-ROM insert for related comix stories). However, with the prospective candidacy of the Evil Elf, how can politics be treated in any other way than as comedy? Yes, I support the candidacy of the Evil Elf as the DUmmiecrat presidential nominee in 2008. With the possibility of his candidacy in the wings, Mary Matalin would be BEGGING me for the DUmmie FUnnies book. And think how easy it will be to produce a series of Evil Elf comix stories in the CD-ROM insert section! So let us observe the DUmmies propose the Evil Elf as their ’08 standard bearer in this THREAD titled, “Has your opinion of Dennis Kucinich changed since 2004?” As usual the DUmmie postings supporting the Evil Elf are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, ALSO supporting the Evil Elf’s candidacy for ulterior motives, is in the [brackets]:

Has your opinion of Dennis Kucinich changed since 2004?

[Nope. I consider the Evil Elf to be about the same Leftist Whack Job as before.]

If so, how has it changed?
I voted for him in the Wisconsin Primary, Kerry/Edwards in the General Election. I'm an independent voter and longtime DUer that recalls ridiculous attacks on DK but not on his core issues. I'm asking you if you'd consider lending support to a politician that called George W. Bush a liar in public debate (along with Rev. Sharpton).
A politician that truly comes with no strings attached.
Dennis Kucinich. We need more elected Democrats like him (and Cynthia McKinney).

[Oh yes. We do need more DUmmiecrats like them. We Do! WE DO!]

Yes, from "fringe candidate who could never win" to one of the few politicians i respect these days.

[From “fringe candidate who could never win” to whack job who could never win.]

Yes, Dennis may may the last hope for sanity in this nation.

[Best comedy line of the month!]

My opinion of him remains as high as ever. We certainly need more like him.

[True. How about Barbara Boxer as his running mate?]

I don't believe in "electability" being a major focus of a presidential primary campaign (it gives the actual issues short shrift), but there are criteria that need to be met that DK just doesn't have. Maybe before the days of television, but these days, I just don't see it. And his support in the primaries reflected that.

[KILLJOY! We want our comedic entertainment! We want to laugh the Evil Elf off the stage!]

Nope. He's still too far left to be President.


I just might hold him in more esteem than I used to which is hard to do. He rocks!

[You could probably hold the Evil Elf in one hand.]

No change. I liked him then, I like him now. I'd prefer him to Hilary, too.

[Unfortunately for you our Lord and Master, Karl Rove, has already decided to make Hillary the DUmmiecrat nominee in ’08. And you can’t STOP the will of Karl Rove.]

Kucinch fought harder for Kerry than Kerry did. Dennis voted with Boxer and Tubbs-Jones when Kerry was AWOL.

[ALL will be explained by Kerry when he signs his form 180.]

He is not a "politician" but a no-nonsense no strings attached rarity. I think he is the best hope and best solution we have in this country. I think with half a chance of getting his points and ideas heard by the public there would be a great groundswell of support for Kucinich.

[EVIL ELF! What he did to Cleveland he can do to the country. YES! Let that be his rallying cry!]

Dennis routinely whacks Bush/Republicans, gives voice to issues and stances too impolitic for the more glittery pols, has markedly less artifice and calculation, what's not to like?

[Comedians will certainly like the Evil Elf for all the rich material he will provide them.]

I would vote for him in a NY minute if he had a chance of winning

[Speaking of NY, Karl Rove has already determined that a certain senator from NY WILL be your nominee in ’08. And you CAN’T fight the mighty WILL of our Lord and Master, Karl Rove.]

Yes, I am more in favor of him than ever before. I voted for him in the primary, one of only a dozen who did so in the entire county of Huntington, IN. After reading about him in wikkipoedia, I was amazed to see his net worth. Check it out. Probably one of the poorest people in national politics. That speaks volumes for his integrity. He sure isn't getting richer off it, like some other fat cats are.

[I didn’t realize that the Evil Elf is living in such dire poverty. In that case, after I start receiving the humongous DUmmie FUnnies book royalty payments made possible in large part due to his candidacy, I shall invite the Evil Elf to watch me eating dinner from outside the window at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. Perhaps, in the spirit of kindness, I shall take out a doggie bag for him to knaw on the bones.]

Dennis is still the best man for the Presidency.

[Too bad he will be crushed under by Hillary. Karl Rove has preordained this and his decisions can NOT be reversed.]

What kind of support do you want me to lend? Give him cash to run for senator? Work and vote for him in the 2008 primary? Write him in in the General?

[Send money to Bev Harris c/o BlackBoxVoting.Org. Remember, the Evil Elf is just $10 away from being nominated.]

I still think he's a well-meaning crackpot.

[I agree….but only if you take away the “well-meaning” part.]


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