Monday, March 28, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-28-05 ("Republicans: Typos prove Talking Points Memo was forged")

Remember the much ballyhooed Schiavo talking points memo? Until just a few days ago, the media AND the DUmmies were crowing about how the EVIL Republicans were using the Schiavo case for political benefit as laid out in that memo. One little problem, however. The talking points memo now turns out to have as much validity as the Bush Texas Air National Guard memos of SeeBS Rathergate fame. Therefore it is interesting to read this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Republicans: Typos prove Talking Points Memo was forged.” It is based on a Weekly Standard ARTICLE titled, “Fake but Accurate Again?” So let us all watch the DUmmies tie themselves up YET AGAIN in Bolshevik Red conniption fits while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering where in the Sierra Maestra mountains Dan Rather is spending his retirement, is in the [brackets]:

Republicans: Typos prove Talking Points Memo was forged. All they need for a perfect conspiracy theory is Dan Rather. Could this be more of Karl Rove's handiwork?

[Yes. Karl Rove, dressed in drag as Lucy Ramirez, faxed the talking points memo from a Kinko’s in Texas to Dan Rather. However, since Rather was already retired from SeeBS, he turned the Talking Points Memo over to ABC News since he knew they wouldn’t spend a moment fact checking its validity.]

“Questions about the genuineness of the memo intensified when, later the same day, the far-left website Raw Story published, for the first time, a JPEG version of the scanned memo, which it said ‘source on Capitol Hill has leaked.’ The print version of the memo, as posted on Raw Story, was identical to ABC's ‘exact, full copy of the document,’ except that the four typos that ABC had identified with a ‘sic’ were all corrected. Interestingly, however, the fifth typo--"applicably" instead of ‘applicable’ in the sixth paragraph--which ABC did not so identify, was not corrected in Raw Story's ‘leaked’ version of the document.”

[Such a mystery. The original “memo” had no errors which the later ABC News version had corrected with “sics.” Perhaps Mary Mapes can explain it.]

“THESE MYSTERIOUS CORRECTIONS raised obvious questions. Who created the second, corrected version of the memo? Why would they have taken a Republican-created memo and re-typed it, eliminating typographical errors, before ‘leaking’ it?”

“More basic features of the memo also raised questions. There is nothing on the face of the memo to indicate who authored it. Contrary to normal congressional practice, not only is it anonymous, but it is on plain white paper, not the letterhead of any congressional or Senatorial office. It could, literally, have been created by anyone.”

[Or even created by Bill Burkett.]

Faced with growing questions about its story on the memo, ABC News backed off. An ABC spokesman told blogger Josh Claybourn that ABC never intended to suggest that Republicans created or distributed the disputed memo, but only that some Republicans received it on March 17. In Claybourn's words: "ABC tells me they never meant to imply Republicans created the memo." ABC's revised position is, of course, ridiculous. They described the memo as "GOP Talking Points on Terri Schiavo." But the fact that ABC has backed off its original report indicates that they have no idea who created the suspicious memo.

[By ABC’s reasoning the fact that you are a bystander to a bank robbery somehow implicates you as a suspect. And somehow by being recipients of a Dummiecrat FAKE MEMO makes you involved with the contents of the memo. Nice reasoning there ABC News and thanx to DUmmie quaoar for posting this info, you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

They are scared. Terri backfired on them, big time.

[If THEY are scared then why are the DUmmiecrats planting FAKE memos about this?]

ABC should be scared, too. The repubs don't have to be telling the truth about the memo. It won't matter whether or not they wrote it, now. All they have to do is accuse ABC of doing what CBS did, and the memo goes right out the window. The thing is...the memo really didn't change the fact that people saw through the effort of the politicians to keep Terri alive by congressional means. This time, the wall came down and the repubs are laid to bare. Almost everyone can see that the emporer has no clothes.

[Laid bare by the fact that the DUmmiecrats FORGED the memo? Is that you, Mary Mapes?]

So are they trying to put the blame on Raw-Story about this? I agree with the others who said that the GOP are afraid so here they are, as usual, trying to blame the democrats and leftist for everything they f*ck up! ARGH!

[Blaming DUmmiecrats for forging memos and other trickery? What a stretch! There is absolutely NO PRECEDENT for such a thing. ARGH!

Rove needs to quit recycling his manuevers. This time it is lame. Too bad it wasn't lame the first time.

[Karl Rove needs to be more creative the next time he plots for a forged memo to backfire on the DUmmiecrats.]

Why doesn't ABC point out that the Republican's seem to be using these as talking points--everyones rhetoric is the same--no matter who wrote them up? Just listen to any interview...Why is ABC letting itself get shot down when these so clearly ARE the talking points of the Republican Party

[As Yogi Berra said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.” I remember the SAME THING said about the Texas Air National Guard memos. “Yeah, yeah. They are fake but their contents are true. So what does it matter if they are forged?”]

no one is gonna give a shit this time

[Yeah, we’ll just overlook the fact the biggest factor in the RAT attack on the EVIL Republicans is a FORGED memo. Great exercise in wishful thinking there.]

Republicans. I'm sick and tired of them. The more extreme they become, the more I feel the need to put as much distance between them and me as possible. Another memo that appears to be fake? Can't the republicans come up with any new, fresh, original, and seemingly newsworthy accusations? If they keep it up, the media is going to start ignoring them.

[Or maybe the DUmmiecrats need to learn new tricks. But don’t worry. The fact that the forged memo shtick has backfired on them two times won’t keep them from trying it again a third time.]

All of the wingnuts will say today that the memo was put out by Dems. No evidence needed, of course.

[Let’s see. If the fake memo wasn’t put out by the DUmmiecrats then it must have been originated by the EVIL Republicans who forged a memo and leaked it in order to make themselves look like crap. That makes sense…but not in this space-time continuum.]

Let me get this straight - it would be legit IF it had typos? Because only an elitist Democrat would know how to spell correctly?

[To set you straight---The ORIGINAL fake memo had the corrections made after ABC pointed out the errors with [sics]. Remember, far left Raw Story posted the SCANNED original fake memo WITH the corrections. They were DUmb to do this but that is why you all are called DUmmies.]

Reporters correct spelling errors all the time - no big deal.

[Which is what ABC News did. Unfortunately for you, Raw Story is so DUmb that they released the original scanned fake memo after making the corrections.]

It doesn't take away from the sentiment of the memo, it doesn't change its meaning and, in fact, it makes the author look LESS stupid. Next time, though, Raw Story probably won't edit Republican spelling errors and will put a big note at the bottom that all the errors are from the idiot GOPher who wrote the memo and not the news source.

[The next time maybe Raw Story will use half a brain to figure out that you can’t release an “original” fake memo after you have corrected the spelling. Duhhhh!!! Oh, and they might trying including a fake Senate letterhead rather than forging the memo on plain white paper.]

Nice try, KKKarl! F*ck you!

[Thus spaketh the DUmmie Coyote as he is left in the dust by the Karl Rove Road Runner whizzing off into the distance. BEEP! BEEP!]


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