Wednesday, March 16, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-16-05 ("Farewell DU! It's been one hell of a run!")

This is truly one of the great tragedies of our time. DUmmie trumad is leaving DUmmieland and inflicts us with his bizarre reasons for doing so as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Farewell DU! It's been one hell of a run!” So let us now read trumad’s fond farewell and the DUmmie responses in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wishing a bon voyage to trumad, is in the [brackets]:

Farewell DU! It's been one hell of a run!

[Now cracks a noble heart. Good night sweet prince: And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!]

First allow me to qualify something right off the bat. This forum, this message board, this meeting place, is one of the finest online communities that I’ve ever been associated with. I have nothing but respect for the 3 amazing men who run this place, Elad, Skinner and Earl G. It has got to be one heck of a gig to run this joint.

[Guess which one of those three is a deep cover Freeper mole.]

60,000 personalities to deal with and 60,000 different opinions. It makes me wonder if the 3 go to bed at night hearing voices in their heads. I couldn’t do it….First off way too much work for a lazy guy like me and second, I couldn’t deal day in and day out with people like me. If I ran this message board there’d be 10 members instead of 60,000. I will always have much respect for the owners of Democratic Underground and someday if I get the honor to meet them in person, my hand will be extended to thank them for helping me further my political education.

[Actually, trumad, there ARE way closer to 10 members than 60,000. Well over half of that phony 60,000 number are tombstoned. Then of the much smaller remainder, quite a few are LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS. The true figure is probably somewhere between 5000 to 10,000 total true DUmmies with the lower figure likely to be the most accurate.]

Now why am I leaving? Because it’s time. All good things must come to past…Blah, Blah, Blah…..Seriously, It’s been a great run here… Back in 2001 I was surfing the net and found this forum and was immediately drawn in by the folks who felt the way I did. WE COULDN’T STAND REPUBLICANS! I remember struggling at first with the type of posts that I would submit. I was kind of naïve about things like the PNAC, the Bush Crime family, etc, so I found myself getting into debates with DUers who countered my naïve sense of reality. I simply could not believe what I was reading and would blurt out BULLSHIT to the DUers who posted what ended up being the truth. Back then there was a bit more tolerance for newbie’s like me and they let me hang around. Thank God they did.

[Congratulations on finding a forum that catered to your childish whims: “WE COULDN’T STAND REPUBLICANS!” Nah! Nah! Nah! Nah! Nah!]

My eyes slowly opened to a political world that I did not know existed. PNAC, Scott Ritter, Prescott Bush, George Bush, Tom Delay, the MSM, and on and on…. This forum let me know about Media Whores Online, Bob Somerby, Atrios, KOS, Josh Marshall, TruthOut, and on and on. This forum taught me that Tin Foil can turn into the real deal with a couple of Google searches. BUT most importantly, this forum gave me the opportunity to meet countless friends throughout this big WORLD of ours.

[We are glad that DUmmieland educated you to the existence of George Bush, Tom Delay, etc.. Without DUmmieland you would have been in the dark as to their very existence.]

There are dozens of friends that I have here at DU and if I miss a few of you, please know in my heart that you’re there… First… One of my all time favorites… Catwoman. Cat and I got it going in an OJ thread a couple of years back. Cat, it’s amazing how many OJ pics are still on the web. LOL

[Cyber-non-sex is soooo satisfying.]

Next, my football arch nemesis, Will Pitt. Pitt and I have had our differences in the past but I’ve continued to have much respect for this great Democrat. I’ve read everything the guys written and will continue to do so at TruthOut. Remember this about Will Pitt. His book with Scott Ritter will be read 50 years from now and will be an important read for anyone wanting to know how the hell we blew it in Iraq and the Middle East. BTW: Will.. My Phins are coming back baby…..

[50 years from now folks will still be laughing about Pied Piper Pitt’s hilarious theory that the Third American Empire began with the 1980 Olympic Hockey victory over the Soviets due to nationalistic fans screaming “USA! USA! USA!” and getting their blood lust imperialistic kicks from watching the American flag rise a few inches higher over the Soviet flag at the awards ceremony.]

I fell in love with a girl named Misunderestimator who loves a girl named Tina… DAMN! I coulda been a contender…

[That romantic competition from the otherly gendered is tough to beat.]

Old-timers like Crewleader, Zomby, Underpants, LynneSin, newyawker99 who by the way should be commended for his milestone threads, Dookus, Skittles, SoCalDem, Magic Rat, arwalden, Walt Starr, Nothingshocksmeanymore, H2O Man, Tom_ Paine, Hey Tom, Heil Hitler! T Roosevelt, TSIAS, Ohio Dem, Khephra I know you’re up there buddy, and on and on and on.

[IndianaGreen is deeply hurt by his exclusion from that distinguished list.]

A quick shout to Matcom. Mat… I know I’ve pissed you off in the past, Cig threads, the debate threads, etc. I apologize for being an abrasive jerk. You Sir, are one of the good guys and I wish you the best.

[You are forgiven my son, now go and be an abrasive jerk some more.]

Now let’s put a stake through the heart of this farewell…. My reasons for leaving DU are simple. With a message board this size you need rules, lot’s of rules. I have been on many a message board that allowed for anything to go. Uggg… Nasty nasty nasty. Trust me…without the rules this forum would be a piece of crap.

[Nasty tricksey rules!]

Back in the early days of DU we didn’t have that many rules..WHY? Not that many people hence not that many situations needing rules. Well, 50,000 members later, situations abound. What if they say this, or…what if a sex thread evolves into something nasty?… I GET IT. I understand why it’s gotta be this way. One more important factor in all this. It’s a privately owned message board. This isn’t run by the Public Service Commission or the FCC. No it’s run by 3 young dudes in D.C. It’s theirs…. When you’re in their house they expect some civility. Again, I get it and I perfectly understand the necessity of it.

[Basic civility IS a tough thing to comply with, especially when it is not enforced.]

BUT…. I find myself more and more breaking their rules. I can’t help it. It’s me, it’s who I am and what I am. You’d think as I get older I’d mellow a bit..LOL NOT! I see what I see, I read what I read, and I say what I say. If it’s “You f*cking asshole troll” . that’s what I say. If it’s “You have Shit for Brains” that’s what I say. You simply can’t say those types of things in a forum with 60,000 members. But that’s me; that’s who I am. The funny thing is, is that I hate the forums that allow you to act that way…Go figure?

[Actually you CAN say those things in DUmmieland but only about Bush and the EVIL Republicans.]

So before I get banned for one more outburst, an inevitable outburst if I were to stay, I will say goodbye and leave on the high road. Will I lurk… Probably not. That’s like asking a sex addict to watch the Last Tango in Paris for therapy. Nah…I’m done.

[So long, DUmmie trumad. Your Dummiland legacy will live on forever or at least until tomorrow….whichever comes first… And now let us hear the rest of the DUmmies bemoan the loss of this intellectual giant.]

All this time here and trumad never even caught on to that? LOL. Too busy talking about football, OJ, and accusing regular contributors of home page essays of being freepers because they have a low post count in the forums, I guess.


Trumad is an institution ....Institutions don't up and walk away ....

[Pardon me while I shed tears into my hankie. DUmmieland has lost one of its Greats. BWAAAAA!!!]

This is a refuge for those of who have to deal with the crap of the world daily.

[“Give me your DUmmies, your Idiots, your Leftist Wackos yearning to be sanity free.”]

At least you're going out at the top of your game.

[If that is the top of trumad’s game, I hate to see the bottom of his game.]

"Be thou a soul to fullness grown,
Arise to gain thy dreams."

[“I rise! I Rise! I RISE!!!”]

If this is well and truly farewell than DU will be a lesser place without you. I don't understand why this country has become so inhospitable and depressing, but it has.

[It is because ALL your Diebolds belong to us.]

And one less voice of reason means one more troll will take its place. DU is a lesser entity without you, and only more justification for the freepers - who are far more the trollish lunatics than ANY DUer they accuse of being.

[A LOUSY FREEPER TROLL is already standing by to take the place of that wonderful voice of reason that was trumad.]

Anyway, take care and be well. See you in the Gulags.

[See you in the Gitmos.]

So you're going because you can't say "You f*cking asshole troll" and "You have Shit for Brains"?

[At least trumad split for high-minded reasons.]

I'm gonna miss you telling people they are f*cking freeper trolls on my behalf

[Poor trumad! His great moral principles wouldn’t allow him to stoop to just calling them “LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!!!”]


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