Tuesday, March 15, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-15-05 ("George Bush be aware there is a special room in hell for you")

Without even being aware of the news, one can ascertain that President Bush must be doing very well. How can that be determined? Easily. The best barometer as to Bush’s success is the degree of anger directed at Bush boiling up in DUmmieland. Just measure the heat of the bubbling bile of this DUmmie THREAD titled, “George Bush be aware there is a special room in hell for you,” and you can figure out that Bush is on a roll. The better Bush does, the ANGRIER the DUmmies become. In this thread the DUmmies conduct an “intellectual” debate over whether Bush is the anti-Christ or merely the forerunner of the anti-Christ. As usual, the boiling hot DUmmie bile is in scalding Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, getting ready to mainline the DUmmies with Lithium fortified Prozac, is in the [brackets]:

George Bush be aware there is a special room in hell for you. Your policies have wrecked to many families. Kids losing a parent. A parent losing a husband or wife. Even pets losing their owners. You are killing the enviroment. So when you get to hell dont be suprised.

[Don’t worry. My pet DUmmie Ants won’t be losing their owner. There is way too much entertainment in watching them through the glass of my DUmmie Ant Farm to toss them away.]

* & company are crooks. Made his $ on insider trades & Govt. funded projects.

[You mean insider trading such as turning a $10,000 cattle futures investment into $100,000 within a year?]

Who ever thought the anti-christ would turn out to be such an idiot. We all expected someone smooth and suave. But that is the genius of Bush's facade. Everyone thinks he's just another good ol' boy, just like them. That is how he gets away with half his crap. He's convinced his followers that he's too dumb to do anything bad. It's all god's will.

[Paragraph starts out that Bush is an idiot and ends that he is so smart that he slyly convinces people he is dumb to get away with evil. Make up your mind for anti-christ’s sake!]

You may be joking....but I genuinely believe that the Shrub is (not the anti-Christ because he is not smart enough) ushering in the anti-Christ spirit --- the one who will eventually GET a one world government and begin the downward spiral into hell and Armageddon's war of wars... Shrub fits the mold to perfection...

[So you are saying that Bush is like John the anti-Baptist?]

I'm not joking. I think Bush IS the antichrist, or at least an antichrist wannabe, who will do fine until the real one comes along. I can't imagine the antichrist would be any worse.

[Ah, DUmmie diversity at work. A theological split between those who think Bush is the anti-Christ and the DUmmies who think he is merely the forerunner of the anti-Christ.]

The only thiing is....from all indications in the Word, the anti-Christ will be highly intelligent and revered and followed by the vast majority - most of whom have been deceived... now, you are right, though, the Shrub comes very close BECAUSE he is a forerunner (one who will usher in the anti-Christ)... I have never been so convinced of anything as I am that we are in those last days (yes, may be years and years of it) which are spoken of in Matthew 24. Shrub is bringing it on fast...and so many have fallen under whatever "spell" he seems to have (I fail to see ANYTHING in him but idiocy and drunken warmongering) -- and that will set the pace for a new "world leader".

[DUmmie fundamentalism at work. A sight to behold!]

actually, I don't recall mention of his intelligence. only that he'll rule with a rod of iron, and they'll say "who is able to make war with him?"
I'm at work, though, without a bible so I'm going on memory. But I think the operative point is that many will be deceived...have you ever seen such an infusion of Kool-aid drinkers for any previous president? heck, even Reagan did not merit such fanatical devotion as this guy. I chide republicans for adopting a new saviour: BushChrist. They just get angry, but they don't deny their devotion.

[The next time you shack up with another otherly gendered soul in a motel room, just steal the Gideon Bible so you can check out the correct scriptural context of all this.]

As I wrote in another thread: Of all world leaders in history, Ronald Reagan remains the best candidate for the first beast of Revelation.

Ronald Wilson Reagan had 666 in his name. (Revelation 13:18) (Having six characters in three names is more impressive than anything that can be derived from numerology. With all the different languages, all the different variations in translation, all the different methods of numerology, numerology has been used to derive 666 from the names of a great many current and historical figures.)

Reagan's press secretary had a head wound unto death, yet lived. (Revelation 13:3) (James Brady).

Reagan died in his own bed in torment. (2 Esdras 12:26) (The book of Esdras describes a three headed eagle to appear in the last days. The three heads are said to represent three of the final kings of the kingdom of the eagle. (Reagan, Bush, and Bush) The first head of the eagle dies in his own bed in torment.)

Reagan commanded the world's greatest military. (Revelation 13:4) (The beast does not actually rule the entire world because there are other countries who fear the beast, and make war both for and against the beast.)

The first beast of Revelation leads into captivity and is led into captivity. (Revelation 13:10) (Reagan led into captivity: Iran-contra. Reagan was led into captivity: Alzheimer’s.)

The two Bush presidents are more consistent with the second beast of Revelation.

The second beast has two horns like a lamb. (Revelation 13:11)

Called a false prophet, George Bush is a fundamentalist who thinks he’s on a mission from God. (Revelation 16:13)

George Bush was (president), is no longer (president), and yet at the same time is (president). (Revelation 17:11)

Both presidents Bush have killed with the sword, and both will ultimately die by the sword. (Revelation 13:10) (This is consistent with the book of Esdras which says the other two heads of the eagle will die by the sword.)

The beast is one of the seven kings, he is also the eighth, yet there are only seven. (Revelation 17:10) This is because having the same public name (George Bush & George Bush) means the two presidents are ONE person considering the Biblical importance and symbolism of a person’s name. In reality, Bush and Bush are two people. Thus, George Bush is one of the seven final presidents; and he is also two of the eight final presidents. (All eight being alive with Reagan took office).

The first George Bush desecrated the temple. (Revelation 13:6) (During Vice President Bush’s trip to the Middle East in 1986, Bush prayed at the western wall in between conversations with Ollie North about Iran-contra which was ‘wickedness’).

The second Bush proclaimed himself God. (2 Thessalonians 2:4 ) (Bush said he would “Destroy all evil”, and execute “Infinite Justice”.)

Seven angels are said to blow seven trumpets. After the first trumpet is blown there are events which could be seen as WWI. After the second trumpet: WWII, after the third: Chernobyl, after the forth: Desert Storm. After the fifth trumpet is blown, smoke from the bottomless pit will darken the sun and the air, as locusts like scorpions are permitted to torment people for five months. (Revelation 9:2) Apache helicopters resemble locust with a scorpion’s tail and Operation Desert Scorpion lasted for five months. Any smoke that darkened Iraq came from oil fires. This means that the phrase ‘bottomless pit’ can, at least on some occasions, be referring to oil since oil was the source of the smoke and the ‘bottomless pit’ is said to be the source of the smoke. The beast is said to ascend out of the bottomless pit. (Revelation 17:8) Meaning the beast will come from the oil industry.

Your right, there is no mention of the beast's intelligence. We assume he is intelligence because he rises to such a powerful position. It fascinates me that evangelical Bush is so consistent with the evil one foretold in the Bible who would bring great destruction. I'm not even sure if there is a God, and I haven't attended church in years, but even if there is no God, it is still possible that the author of Revelation was a psychic who saw a vision of this large Earth shattering war.

[Apparently DUmmie Done did steal a Gideon Bible from the motel room where he was shacking up with another otherly gendered soul. However, after extensive quotation to “prove” his points, he claims not even to believe in the Bible in the first place. DUmmie fundamentalism at work again.]

we ALL sorta have the HOPE yet down deep we KNOW what the Word tells us is true and so far it has not missed....prophesy is fulfilling itself daily now....

[DUmmie Biblical devotion translates into “HATE Bush.”]

Ah, the Beast within the Beast are many anti-christs. The bible mentions multiple anti-christs. Basically, the anti-christ is any manifestation of dark energy, since it is the opposite of christ, which is light energy. Bush is certainly the manifestation of dark energy, there is no light in his soul. Neither is there any in Rummie, Dick, Condi, Karen, or Karl's souls. They are all evil pond scum. I think what is going on in the Middle East right now is Armageddon. Look at Fallujah and the rest of Iraq for that matter. Tell be that that's not Armageddon?

[So will this be your sermon this Sunday at the First Church of the Perpetually Lost?]


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