Wednesday, March 09, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 03-09-05 ("Here are the 13 Democrats who voted for cloture on the Bankruptcy Bill")

The DUmmies are ENRAGED that 13 Demcrats voted for cloture on the Bankruptcy Bill. In other words, there can’t be a filibuster on that bill. Instead it will be voted on (and most likely pass) by a majority vote. You can see the DUmmie RAGE about this “betrayal” in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Here are the 13 Democrats who voted for cloture on the Bankruptcy Bill.” The big reason for the DUmmie anger is that they opposed the Bankruptcy bill primarily for the reason that Bush supports it and for this reason MUST be defeated. Anything supported by Bush is automatically opposed by the DUmmiecrats. Therefore it is quite amusing to see the DUmmie rage directed towards the Democrats who “betrayed” them. Oh, and please check out the HILARIOUS DUmmie story about Senator Kohl at the bottom of this edition. As usual, the enraged DUmmie outbursts are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

Here are the 13 Democrats who voted for cloture on the Bankruptcy Bill

[Start the execution drums rolling. To the guillotine!]














Shame on them all. We need to find primary opposition for all of them.

[Beautiful! Maybe with primary opposition maybe we can get rid of Sheets Byrd.]

Damn Salazar! Damn him! I sent that fricker money during the election. What a sleazeball. I've already written him one letter regarding his vote on Condi, Gonzolez & the tort bill. Do you think I've received even an acknowledgement from him or his office? Hell no. Asshole.

[The Dark Side, Senator Salazar! Look into your soul and come over to the Dark Side!]

Who cares whether they vote for the bill or not now? We know - and more importantly, they know - that the pukes have the votes to pass the bill. By letting it come to a vote (i.e., voting for cloture), they're as guilty of passing the bill as anybody who actually votes for the bill.

[Allowing a bill to come to an actual vote? Oh the HORROR! THE HORROR!!!]

You make a good point. The Dems ought to have filibustered this bill. We can only ponder why they did not. Perhaps their criticism is largely for show, as we do have the 40 votes necessary to block cloture--and yet the vote was 69-31.

[Um… Apparently you did NOT have the votes to block cloture if the vote was 69-31.]

no pondering needed... they're all ASSHOLES. well, most. There is no 2 party system, There is no 2 party system, There is no 2 party system, There is no 2 party system, There is no 2 party system, There is no 2 party system.

[Vote Socialist Workers Party in 2008.]

Thanks for the list of both. I wish we could get rid of the DINO's next year. I know this is a long shot but did any republicans vote "no"? I know I know. Crazy asking.

[No but if it makes you feel any better, Jumpin’ Jim Jeffords voted No on cloture. Such a political genius he is. Jumpin’ Jim switches to “Independent” to give the Senate Majority to the Democrats and then a year later finds himself not only in the minority but without ANY political power whatsoever. Plus his book ended up on the dollar store shelves where they were shunned even for a buck.]

I'm pretty upset with Nelson-FL. I really believed he'd stand up for the right thing here.

[Since Nelson will be running for re-election in 2006, you will be even MORE upset with him when the judicial nominees come up for a vote. Hee! Hee!]

Everyone, please contact these DINOs ASAP and advise them that we ain't all too happy with them. Tell them specifically why, don't get emotional or angry. Otherwise, they won't listen.

[And don’t forget to send them the links to a few editions of the DUmmie FUnnies so they can see what type of nutcases they are hearing from.]

I think I have pretty much had it with the democratic party. There is no party discipline; and we have a bunch of bought and paid for pols in our ranks. On top of that, the rest are cowards who talk the talk sometimes, but never walk the walk. I'm just so fed up with all of them. Screw 'em.

[Psst! Socialist Workers Party.]

F*ck 'em all..Goddamned whores!!!!

[It’s FUN to watch my DUmmie Ants getting flustered!]

Byrd's the only real surprise on that list. What the Hell was he thinking?

[He was thinking about if his sheets would be laundered properly for this week’s Klan rally.]

For all Byrd's good votes on war and civil rights...he has always sided with the moneyed interests.

[NEWSFLASH! Byrd voted AGAINST the 1964 Civil Rights Act…along with Al Gore Sr..]

Kohl is a odd dude. I'm fairly new to WI and was doing some tabling at the Madison Farmers Market last summer when this odd guy was standing next to me handing out fliers...he was dressed in really crappy clothes (looked like a Racetrack Charlie), kind of smelled and was a bit timid. I asked him to move from the table a couple of times when he would brush up against it and make shit fall off. Then someone said..."Wow, that Senator Kohl!" I was dumbfounded. He was a US Senator?

[LOL!!! Thanx, DUmmie, for a really FUnnie Kohl story!]


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