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DUmmie FUnnies 03-04-05 ("Where's the Outrage? Where's the Anger?")

Remember back during the election campaign when the DUmmiecrats were screaming that the Bush administration was secretly planning on bringing back the draft after the election was over? The administration resolutely denied it but that didn’t stop the DUmmiecrats and their MTV allies, plus Dan Rather, from making that assertion. Actually the only folks supporting the draft (for strictly political reasons) back then were congressman Charley Rangel and a few fellow Democrats. When Rangel’s draft bill came to a vote he then proceeded to vote AGAINST his own bill. Okay, so the election came and went and the Bush administration has kept its promise of NO draft. And for this reason, the DUmmies are ANGRY and OUTRAGED. Why? Precisely for the reason there is NO draft because the DUmmiecrats as you shall see below believe the institution of the draft will cause the American public to rise up against the EVIL Bush Regime. So sit back and enjoy the spectacle of the DUmmies ENRAGED that Bush has the gall to keep his promise of NO draft in this Dummie THREAD titled, “Where's the Outrage? Where's the Anger?” As usual the illogical DUmmie rantings full of ANGER and OUTRAGE are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

Where's the Outrage? Where's the Anger?

[Bottled up in DUmmieland.]

AmeriCa, wake up! Why won't they wake up with the rest of us???

[Because we just aren’t as enlightened as you DUmmie residents of the Happy Farms Asylum.]

A draft will rouse them from their idiotic blissful slumber. That is why this anti-war movement has never taken off in regards to this war, but if you institute a draft that affects everyone, believe you me, these bastards will take to the streets. I have noticed in my study of history and society that people are only spurred forward through tragedy and what personally affects them. Let's face it folks -- while seemingly most Amerikans are able to foolishly support the self-proclaimed "war-time president," they will NOT do so when little Jack and little Jill are called to serve their country along with the "trailer trash", the "wetbacks", the "n*ggers," and the rest of the "have-nots" things will change. And I say this as a Black American and a veteran. Only then will the outrage come. Only then will the majority of people in this country wake up. Only then will they realize that slipping further into a totalitarian police-state will utterly destroy the precedent that has come to be known as "the great experiment." Our republic will go the way of Rome if we are not mindful of the inequities and hypocrisies that are ever-present in our every waking moment. Unfortunately, we -- the people who frequent this site -- are a minority that has been jolted into the realization that "America the Beautiful" has become "American the Pitiful." The strongest nation in the world has become bogged down in an illegal and unjust war because the AmeriCan people have fallen asleep at the wheel. My friends, do not fail to recall that the governors only rule with the consent of the governed. The Social Contract has been breached and it is up to us to forge a more revolutionary document in order to remind our elected officials -- for they are not leaders -- in Washington, D.C. that they have a responsibility, a moral obligation if you will, to protect the rights of those they represent. They do not give us those rights and they have forgotten that bit of common sense in the last few years with the advent of the nefarious Patriot Acts. None of the many crimes of this administration of woken them up, and it will take a tragedy to make it happen. Reminds me of a post I read in which the person ranted against Bush being worst than Hitler because he had personally affected that person's life. This sort of attitude is very telling in light of the fact that 6 million people died under the regime of Hitler, but Bush is worse because he's actually affected their "life." (Never mind the people who died in the hell of Auschwitz and the like -- it's all about ME! Oh the tragedy...) Why is it telling? It supports my position that only when Amerikans are directly and tragically affected by the evils of Bush will they finally develop a -- lo' and behold! -- conscience in regards to the many crimes and atrocities that are taking place in the name of our Republic. Only when they run the risk of loosing something important to them -- like their freedom to not fight in a war they never really believed in -- will they wake up from their stupor and break free of the cult of the concentration camp of the mind. Until then, my fellow conscience-prone DUers, we will simply have to wait ever so patiently for the hammer to fall... So, bring on the draft, because we want our AmeriCa back.

[Damn that Bush for keeping his campaign promise of NO DRAFT! It just shows what a sleazy politician he is.]

Dean's rapid rise to the forefront of the primary race was mostly due to his acknowlegement of anger and outrage. The other candidates did not begin to receive widespread backing until they also started acknowleging the anger and outrage. People are angry -- they just don't know how to properly channel that anger where it will be heard. We are still waiting for that leader to emerge that will say "Yeah, you're angry, you're outraged -- this is what we have to do...."

[Then nominate Howard Dean Beale as your ’08 candidate: “I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY LONGER!!!”]

I completely agree. But I think that the GOP knows that a draft would be suicide for president Shrub. However, I think it's gonna happen but they'll be sly about it, like offering huge amounts of money or paid college tuition or free land in Iraq. LOL

[Then it ISN’T a draft. DUH!]

Then perhaps there needs to be manufactured outrage....

[Yes! That’s the ticket! Just MAKE UP fake outrage! How about organizing mass demonstrations protesting against the LACK of a draft?]

They'll simply CALL IT SOMETHING ELSE. It's all wordplay to them because PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING. If you don't CALL IT a draft, it can't be one, can it? Never mind that it's enforced, involuntary military conscription. Just as long as it's not being CALLED a "draft," then they get away with it. AGAIN.

[It depends on what your definition of “is” is.]

Do you really want to see the further suppression of organized labor unions? If we fail to act soon it will be too late. We are quickly reaching critical mass. We are quickly reaching the point of no return.

[Close your eyes. Lean back. Tap your heels together three times and repeat: “There WILL be a Revolution! There WILL be a Revolution! There WILL be a Revolution!”]

I think one of the biggest mistakes we've made was deactivating the draft.

[This from the same type of Leftists who years ago who protesting violently in the streets AGAINST the draft.]

A volunteer army is not the same thing as a mercenary army. Citizens defending their own country, even if they do it for a living, are not at all the same as strangers who fight for the highest bidder.


Could we trust a Repug owned Congress to make sure that school deferrments and other loopholes would not apply?

[DUmmies worried about the “Repugs” not properly enforcing a draft law that WON’T go into existence in the first place.]

the draft must be instated. If the burden of these wars of Empire is not spread across the populace, they will never motivate themselves to oppose these wars of choice (greed and blood-lust).

[“Please Mr. President! We BEG you to institute the draft so we can bring down your EVIL regime!”]

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!!

They WILL have a draft. And they will engineer another catastrophe like they did with 9/11 in order to achieve it.

And that's the TRUTH, RUTH!

[Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!! They WON’T have a draft. And that will piss off the DUmmies. And that’s a FACT, JACK!]

a draft will pull the rug out from under these f*ckers. they can only get away with warcrimes when the military is run by halliburton….

[…Yeah, Halliburton just bypasses the Pentagon and runs the military as its own private concern.]

If there is another attack on our soil a draft won't be nessecary. There will be 10s of thousands ready and waiting to sign up.


But why do you keep thinking the Republicans will publicly commit suicide for our benefit? The only people publicly talking about re-instating the draft are Democrats. The Repukes will kill it, and we'll be tarred-and-feathered with it. Golly. No wonder we keep losing elections.

[And keep on losing and losing and losing and…]

So why are they going to reinstate the draft?? They're not. And if we do or make the attempt, we will pay for it at the ballot box. And we would deserve the licking we got. Stupidity should have a severe penalty, otherwise, how do you learn.

[And DUmmies have stupidity in great abundance.]

My great fear...My great and ruling fear is that they will be successful in their manipulation of public support for their heinous aims. My great fear is that they will not fail and absent a free and non-corporate press, they will not fail.

[Fear the success of our almighty Emperor, Chimpus Khan!!!]

i propose we start thinking seriously about what to do. if i were of draft age i would like to know how to maybe go into hiding or create an objectors movement with serious civil disobedience. this is the fun part. we're talking about youngsters -- 18 to what? 20-something -- they've got the energy to wreak some havok. i'll bring the beer.

[Create an objectors movement against a draft that doesn’t exist? That makes sense….but only in the upside-down world of DUmmieland.]

i'm 38. spent many nights on the floors of churches and friends' houses prepping for actions or panel discussions etc. maybe we evolve that approach to relocate draftees, help them find work, etc.

[Before you relocate draftees you must first LOCATE them. And since there won’t be a draft, locating those non-existent draftees is going to be a very tough task.]

we're figuring things out. nothing wrong with that. gotta catalyze that's part of it. aufheben. the dialectic.

[I just had my dialectic catalyzed at the spa the other day.]

That's why, despite what the Kool-aid drinkers on DU think, there will never be a draft. The neo-cons are way too smart to undermine themselves like that.

[BINGO! And DUmmie forgethell WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a rare moment of mental clarity!]

I have outrage 24/7. I too think a draft will force middle America to open their eyes. It will only happen if they might be forced to send their children. Althought I am 100% anti war, I support Rep Charles Rangel in this attempt to allow no draft exemptions.

[Then you should try to convince Rep. Rangel to vote for his own draft bill.]

Where's the draft? Actually having or proposing one may inspire some of that outrage and anger. Otherwise, I don't see how folks are going to get riled up.

[Where’s the draft? Right now it exists only in Charley Rangel’s trash can. Perhaps he will pull it out just to vote against it again.]


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