Monday, February 21, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 02-21-05 ("Please, Senator Clinton, call them 'Freedom Fighters'...")

Hillary Clinton has a reputation for political savvy that is much overrated. Case in point. Her much ballyhooed massive program for federalizing via sneaky means the entire health care insurance system. Not only was this scheme promulgated in secret with little or no input from health care providers or the insurance industry but the program was presented on a take it or leave it basis. Hillary INSISTED that every last little detail of this proposal be accepted. That was the deal killer (fortunately). Had she compromised (as is NORMAL for all legislation) her massive scheme might have passed. Instead, due to her LACK of political savvy, this Hillary Health Care Proposal was shot down by Congress and a few weeks later led to the Democrats losing both houses of Congress in the historic 1994 Congressional elections. Again, Hillary seems to have a tin ear as she schemes to win the White House in 2008. She is positioning herself as a “Centrist” in the belief that position would make it easiest for her to win in 2008. The problem is that before winning the general election, Hillary must please the Democrat Party loonies, of which the DUmmies are very representative. So how are her Demcrat gatekeepers regarding the latest Hillary move to “support” (in quotes because it is a strictly tactical move on her part) the Administration’s policies in Iraq? To answer that question, just read this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Please, Senator Clinton, call them ‘Freedom Fighters’...” When you have the keepers of the Keys to the Democrat Kingdom insisting on calling the Iraqi terrorists, “Freedom Fighters,” there is no way you can get the nomination by “supporting” the Administration's Iraq policy. As usual the far out DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the Hillary maneuverings and DUmmie reactions, from the her old War Room bunker, is in the [brackets]:

Please, Senator Clinton, call them "Freedom Fighters"...They're not "Iraqi insurgents," they're citizens fighting for their home and country. They're "Freedom Fighters."

[Please, Senator Clinton, call murdering thugs like Zarqawi “Freedom Fighters.” It is so impolite to call them “Iraqi Insurgents.”]

Do you really think calling people who shoot at U.S. troops "freedom fighters" is good way to win the hearts and minds of the American electorate?


I, for one, would look for something halfway between "terrorists" and "insurgents" on the one hand and " freedom fighters" on the other. How about "resistance"?

[You are to be complimented on your efforts to find a non-offensive term to call the terrorist thugs.]

I think most journalists are opting for "resistance" these days b/c it's basically neutral, factually accurate, and it helps to encompass the broad array of anti-Coalition Iraqi fighters-- some of whom probably are bona fide terrorist outfits (e.g. al-Qaeda) and others that are more like nationalist groups fighting what they perceive to be a foreign invasion force. "Resistance" is the best term to use in description here.

[So if they are terrorists why the reluctance to call them….terrorists? What next? Is Charles Manson to be labeled a member of the “Resistance?”]

i could give a rat's ass about the American sympathies lie with the people of the world, who have to withstand the idiocy of the American public and the governments/militaries they allow to exist. And yes, Iraqi insurgents are freedom fighters...

[You obviously could give a rat’s ass about if the Democrats will ever win power back again? With your attitude, which is prevalent among the DUmmiecrats, they WON’T. Oh, and Hillary can kiss ’08 goodbye.]

I don't think think the media should call them "terrorists" like many conservatives demand (altough suicide bombers are terrorists), but they sure as hell aren't freedom fighters. Insurgents is just fine.

[Actually terrorists is just fine AND accurate.]

"Resistance" is better. Even "loyalists" is better.

[DUmmies arguing about which word will be the best nicey-nice description of the terrorists.]

Insurgent is NOT just fine. They are freedom fighters insofar that they fight for the freedom of Iraq from U.S. occupation.

[Apparently “Insurgent” isn’t a nicey-nice enough of a description for you.]

And you don't win verbal wars by calling people who are murdering American soldiers and innocent Iraqis "freedom fighters." These people would like to reinstall a theocratic dictatorship that would not be remotely free. I'm sorry if I sound like Bush, but they really are opponents of democracy. And they are killing Iraqis who would like to be part of the new Iraqi Army.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! (And that slight slam against Bush doesn't fool me.)]

Ba'athists were not Islamic extremists. In fact Saddam's Regime was quite secular and women had quite a bit of freedom.

[You’re bringing tears to my eyes with that bit of Saddam nostalgia…. Those were the days my friend. We thought the torture would never end. La la la LA la la…]


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