Thursday, February 17, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 02-17-05 ("Screw republicans. Screw 'reaching out' to republicans.")

This DUmmie THREAD titled, “Screw republicans. Screw ‘reaching out’ to republicans,” must have attracted a lot of LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS because about half the posts were deleted. Anyway, we can see here that the DUmmies are not the least bit interested in even the semblance of bipartisanship. However, is this any great surprise? And woe unto any halfway sane Democrat such as Lieberman or Obama who are willing to work with the EVIL Republicans even in a limited way. As usual the “screw you” DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

Screw republicans. Screw "reaching out" to republicans. Fight them all, every last one of them.

[So why this sudden outburst? Did the EVIL Republicans start attacking the good Progressive Democrats? No. Much worse. I checked the DUmmie link to this New York Times ARTICLE and it turns out that the HORRIBLE EVIL REPUBLICAN Education Secretary compromised with the Democrats and approved the qualifications of 4000 teachers in North Dakota that were previously declared insufficiently qualified. What threw the DUmmies into a tizzy is that this ruling met with the approval of North Dakota’s Democrat Senator Dorgan. Compromise---Yet another dirty underhanded Republican trick.]

Well THEY aren't reaching out to us . . .This is WAR. It is war for the future of this nation -- for the very existence of this nation.

[I agree. That compromise by the Education Secretary is the same thing as a declaration of WAR. She did a sneak attack by giving the Democrats everything they wanted on the teacher qualification issue. What other lowlife tactics will those EVIL Republicans do next?]

damn straight. to be BI-partisan, the WINNERS have to move too.

[Actually in this case, the WINNERS did all the moving. But don’t let the FACTS spoil your foaming at the mouth routine.]

Screw reaching out to Republicans indeed. They sure as hell don't reach out to us.

[Um….Maybe you should try READING the NY Times article link at the top your very own DUmmie thread.]

Although I have to admit it says something about our guys......since it's so easy to demolish these people, you'd think our people would be sticking it to them more regularly.

[This is in reference to LOUSY FREEPER TROLL Vermontster. Since he was tombstoned for making a rational argument on this thread, the DUmmies are gloating about how he couldn’t debate with him because he ran off. Of course, all this gloating was AFTER Vermonster was tombstoned so they were debating with nobody.]

We are at war whether or not we want to realize it. We cannot negotiate with these cultural terrorists. There is no reaching out.

[Reach out and TOMBSTONE somebody. BTW, at least 90% of the Dummie membership is tombstoned or LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS which means the actual number of DUmmies is somewhere around 5000 or less.]

The day we start to take back this country is that day we start open (political, cultural, financial, intellectual) warfare on Republicans and all things they support. We need to make them fear us. We need to become better armed than they are, both politically and physically.

[Now you know why I want a DUmmie FUnnies book (with CD-ROM insert) in circulation. The general public NEEDS to see these DUmmie quotes.]

I've never understood the whole "reaching out" thing. IT LEGITIMIZES THEIR POSITIONS! Their positions are NOT legitimate!! They're just EVIL. They are corrupt, they are wrong, they are IMMORAL (yeah, I said it, but starting a preventative war and not fighting poverty is IMMORAL in my mind). I'm not going to reach out to repukes anymore than I would have reached out to Mussollini. It just gives them the (wrong) idea that they are right. They AREN'T. And they don't play fair to begin with. No, you don't reach out to people like that. You FIGHT THEM.

[Attn: Senator Obama. Take a look at this DUmmie post. It might be a factor in helping you to decide to come over to the “Dark Side.”]

These Repuke-lite Dems are WORSE than far right Repukes.

[So you are saying that Senator Lieberman and Senator Obama are WORSE than the EVIL Republicans? Thank you for driving even MORE Democrats over to the Dark Side.]

Eliot Ness never reached out to Al Capone. The neocons are criminals. We should be seeking to put them in jail, not reaching out to them.

[The DUmmies have the fantasy of hauling the EVIL Republicans before People’s Courts for Revolutionary Justice if they can ever overthrow the Bush Regime. Oh, and somewhat sane Democrats such as Lieberman and Obama won’t be safe from the clutches of the Jacobins either.]

Reasonable people can disagree, apparently unreasonable ones can too. The problem with your logic is that WE LOST. Now, to win in the future, we need to get some of the people who voted for Bush to vote for our candidate. Therefore, we would have to reach out. Simple concept, isn't it? Thinking that all Bush voters are "CULT members" is absurd, unless you consider 51% of the populace to be cultists, which you admit that you cannot "convert". Therefore, your position would cause us to continue to lose elections.


I can see how repukes would just LOVE this way of thinking. "Oh look, aren't they cute? Still thinking they can just reach out and win us over?"
Right. Like I said, knock yourself out, have fun with that. Meanwhile, I think criminals should be FOUGHT.

[Thank you for bringing this DUmmie discussion back to its normal level of irrationality.]

The reality is that, to many people, we did not present an attractive candidate.


Death to republicans!

[That you for counteracting that LOUSY FREEPER TROLL in such a civilized manner.]

It's not Repukes we need to fight. It's dumbass Dark Ages thinking. It just so happens that the majority of backwards-ass, Dark Ages, fundie fascist, thinking tends to spring from individuals in this political party. There are plenty of other voters who have similar faults in intelligence and thinking that need to be combated, as well.

[Oh please enlighten us with your great wisdom My Exalted One!]

I haven't met one that wasn't morally bankrupt, intellectually dishonest, mentally deficient, emotionally repressed, and willfully deluded, or some combination of the above.

[Your blanket condemnation is yet another sign of your wonderful openness to political diversity.]

They are the ones who will stonewalled if they refuse to at least accept some of our conversations.

[We’ve been reading your conversations in this thread. Which one of your conversations do you want us to accept? “DEATH TO REPUBLICANS!”?

Hopeless stupidest MFers on the planet.

[Thus ends the DUmmie “conversation” on this thread.]


Blogger Icarus said...

And people wonder why I - who voted twice for Clinton and even for Dukakis, God help me - now LOATHE the Democratic Party.

Congrats, DUmmies. You and people like you have ensured that people like ME will be voting against you.

And I ALWAYS vote. Thanks, kids.

10:00 AM  

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