Tuesday, February 08, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 02-08-05 (Susan Sarandon: DUmmie Political Guru)

You know the Left is in big trouble when they look upon Hollywood actress, Susan Sarandon, as some sort of political guru as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Susan Sarandon on CSpan nailed it, the Dems need to understand the difference in beliefs between rurals and urbans.” What next for the DUmmies? Will they look to Bianca Jagger for campaign advice? Maybe Madonna will be seen as a source for religious inspiration. OH WAIT! She already is looked upon as an expert in metaphysics with her watered down celeb Kabbala routine. While we are at it, does anybody know the DUmmie screen name of Julia Roberts? As usual, the star-struck DUmmie reality challenged comments are in Bolshevik Red while the comments of your humble correspondent, fondly hoping for Susan Sarandon to make her obligatory bare breast scene, is in the [brackets]:

Susan Sarandon on CSpan nailed it, the Dems need to understand the difference in beliefs between rurals and urbans ...I couldn't agree more and that was so evident in the Dem campaign effort in Nevada this past year.

[And what was Susan Sarandon’s view of the voter turnout in Clarke County, Ohio? Did she say anything about the bridge bond issue on the November ballot in Missouri. And where does she stand on the slot machine issue in Florida?]

What you need to know about Republican suburbanites. They have a gated community mentality. They have blocked out the world, so it no longer plays a role in their daily lives. It they can't see it, it doesn't exist.

[Yes. Just down the street from me is a development called “Republican Gated Community. All food and services are delivered to them so they never have to leave.]

Also, The Subset Known As Homeschoolers. Lots Of Very Insular Families with no working model for dealing with the Real World. The Real World being where there are gays, blacks, secularists etc.

[Shame on you for not mentioning the Otherly Gendered.]

You don't know the half of it with those homeschoolers. They have a mindset that the public school is full of evil, lustful kids. I read an article in a newspaper about a homeschooler who was allowed to play on a sports team in a public school. They went overboard saying that she was the nicest one on the team and how she was cleaning up everybody else's language. And, unfortunately, they took out of context a remark made by one of the other players which was meant to be said jokingly, about how they tried to corrupt her, but couldn't. It was a very badly written article that made the rest of the team sound like sluts. I can't imagine there was much camaraderie after that article was printed.

[Maybe she needs to be homeschooled by Madonna to cure this student of her good habits.]

Your comment is among the least informed things I've ever seen written about homeschooled children. How incredibly rude! Thank goodness my children weren't raised in the type of insular, removed, narrow-minded environment that produced someone capable of such a statement. Thank goodness they were homeschooled.


I just hope that you realize that you need to make up for the social isolation that your homeschooling decision will inflict on your kids. I don't doubt that they can make the grade, but do they really understand that "diversity" is not a communist plot, but a divine reality? That's a rhetorical question because I'm finished with this thread.

[The worst social isolation is when you look to DUmmieland for inspiration and consider actress Susan Sarandon to be some sort of political genius.]

what needs to be understood is how the Rove machine ..makes the poor rurals feel like they can be part of that same team. Watch "Silver City", it moves slowly but the Dreyfus character nails it on the nose.

[Sorry, I’ve never seen “Silver City.” Perhaps I shall rent the video so I can become as politically informed by a Hollywood production as you have been.]

The Democrats need to get serious and not rely on Hollywood actors/actresses to be their spokesmen. It's a bit embarassing.


Sarandon is just an over the hill actress.

[True but aren’t her breasts still remarkably well-preserved?]

Sarandon and Robbins have every right to speak. I just don't think they help the Democratic party when they do. Their views are naive and make Democrats look foolish.

[No! No! I say make them KEYNOTE SPEAKERS at the 2008 Democrat Convention.]

Susan Sarandon sounds angry, high pitched and overly complicated. She has a long way to become a politician.

[Good! Good! Feature more of her on the tube so she can alienate even more people.]

Have you seen the West Wing episode "20 Hours in America"? It basically does a great job of re-iterating exactly what you just said. To sum it up, two senior advisors to the President (who is a liberal Democrat) find themselves stranded in rural Indiana with one of their assistants. These two senior advisors are the very definition of the "liberal elite" and the whole time they are trying to figure out why people in Indiana are stupid enough to vote for the President's opponent. In the last few minutes, the assistant (who is much more down to earth) says that she wants to bang their heads together. In all of their arguing about political strategy they never stopped to realize how kind the people had been to them and how nobody had even brought up politics except for them and hinted that maybe the reason that they don't win votes in rural Indiana is that they try to tell people what is best, they don't listen to them because they think that they are stupid.

[The DUmmies have “progressed” from being politically inspired by Susan Sarandon to finding a road map to political strategy in “The West Wing.” I’m surprised they haven’t discovered how to be effective in Capitol Hill politics from the quickly cancelled “Mister Sterling.” Oh well, perhaps they can convince Josh Brolin to quit beating up his wife long enough to give them political advice.]

My point is that although Susan Sarandon has every right to speak out as do all hollywood types, it doesn't help the dems get the rural or "Heartland" vote.

[Why not? Wasn’t Susan Sarandon’s hubby, Tim Robbins, born and raised in Greenwich Village? Couldn’t the Village be considered some sort of rustic, almost rural locale?]

Maybe some in rural areas and the south should reconsider some of THEIR ways. Maybe it's time they understood that gays and lesbians SHOULDN't be second class citizens, that being pro choice isn't being pro abortion.

[Maybe the rural folks need to use Paris Hilton as a role model.]

I think a compromise on the gun issue would go a long way in securing rural votes. It would be great if they could open their minds. But many rural people don't have computers or don't use their computers to find out the real news.

[Most rural people don’t even have electricity or even know what it is.]

Rural people need "sound bites", something simple and easy to remember.

[Speak to them in pigeon English with easy to understand single vowels.]

Rural people may not know about stuff, but they are just as human and just as capable of being moved by factual information about the GRAVE injustices being perptuated by this administration.

[“Hello you simple-minded hick farmers! You might not know about stuff but we are here to inform you about the GRAVE injustices perpetrated by the Fascist Bush Regime.”]

They don't have the coffee shops to go to in many small towns anymore. They probably wouldn't be caught dead in a Starbucks. They don't get together like they used to to talk about the issues that concern their daily lives.

[Um… Actually there are LOTS of coffee shops in rural America. Just check out any truck stop. Maybe it isn’t Starbucks latte being served but it IS coffee.]

I think it's time for a little old-fashioned class war.

[Your Bolshevik Red is shining even brighter than normal.]

Damn! I missed it! I did see her on Bill Maher late in the last season talking about vote fraud and Maher blew her off.

[Wasn’t it the other way around?]


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