Thursday, February 03, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 02-03-05 (INSANE DUmmie RAGE At Bush SOTU Speech)

The insane rage of the DUmmies sparked by last night’s State of the Union Address by President Bush will take your breath away as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “My take on the crying mother of the Marine.” Little of the DUmmie ranting is actually about the mother of the marine since most of it is nothing but blind insane animalistic FURY directed at Bush. We lead off with the absolutely loco raging of DUmmie Husb2Sparkly followed by other hateful DUmmie commentary in Bolshevik Red. The commentary of your humble correspondent, gasping for breath at the intense DUmmie hate, is in the [brackets]:

First, I admit to not really watching Chimpus Khan's State of the Reich blather. I specifically planned to replace a faulty light fixture tonight so I would not have to watch it. I knew Sparkly would want to cuz she likes to watch her enemies. Anyway, it was on and I came into the room just as the woman was crying and holding her husband. I did not hear who they were or why they were there. I found out only after the speech.

[You need to replace your faulty fixture in your brain, DUmmie Husb2Sparkly. Not only did you not hear who the woman and her husband were, you didn’t really care. You just wanted to coldly use them to segue into your HATE Bush rant. So continue with the ranting…]

If I had the tragic misfortune of having lost a child to this senseless and evil imperialism and saw that stage managed PR stunt - and that is ALL it was - I would be raging more than I am now.

[It is a bit hard to imagine how you could rage more than you are about to, DUmmie Husb2Sparkly, so let ‘er rip…]

How DARE that mother f*cking, low life, c*ck s*cking, sh*t head, self involved, incurious, inflexible, moronic looking, simpleton asshole, simian appearing, sperm lottery winning, son of a warmonger warmonger, toady, dictatorial, reptilian, intellectual midget, f*ckwad, pissant, arrogant, snickering, emotionless, manipulative, dickhead, sh*t licking, slothful, avaricious, traitorous, lazy, bedwetter use the grief of a real person to further his agenda?

[WHEW! Don’t hold back, DUmmie Husb2Sparkly. Continue with your spew.]

Were I the parent of a lost soldier I would be outraged beyond belief. He pulls that stunt for the pure PR value and we're supposed to think he cares about the troops as anything more than cannon fodder? We're supposed to think he cares about the troops or their families as people? he has NEVER gotten his sorry, warty ass to one - NOT F*CKING ONE - funeral of a fallen soldier.

[Methinks the President has been to many MORE military funerals (away from the cameras) than you ever thought of going to, DUmmie Husb2Sparkly. But don’t this stop you from spitting out your venom. Continue...]

He is the most despicable person I can imagine, even looking back on world history. NO ONE is worse than he is. Not Hitler. Not Genghis Khan. Not Hannibal. Not Napoleon. No One. Not Lucifer himself.

[Worse than Pee Wee Herman even? Let us make sure your Hannibal Lecter face mask is firmly secure so you can continue with your blind rage…]

NO ONE IN ALL OF HISTORY is worse than this twit who has become the single most powerful and feared man on earth.

[Yes, yes. Worse than Saddam even. Now take another handful of Meds so you can continue screeching…]

How Dare He Use Those People?

He's a Bush.

That's how he dares.

The very *best* of that whole f*cking clan is pond scum. And they go down from there.

They've stolen our country. They've anally raped the world.

And that woman who cried on cue? How stupid must she be? To allow herself to be used.

Anger and amazement.

[Right now I’m feeling anger and amazement at how quickly you slammed that marine’s mother right on the heels of proclaiming false sympathy for her for your own political agenda of blindly hating Bush.]

God, please end this nightmare. PLEASE GOD. End it NOW. The world will not last for as long as this junta might remain in power.

[Well, we know your mind hasn’t lasted even this long, DUmmie Husb2Sparkly. And now let us watch as the other DUmmies cluck in sympathy with your highly acidic bile.]

I couldn't bring myself to watch either. Unlike you, I prefer to economize on adjectives and I, too, might run out of them if I had bothered to watch. Part of me wants to resist everything he does and part just wants to let him do it all and see how loved he is then. I do look forward to the day I can look at people who supported him and say, "I TOLD YOU SO."

[The Iraq elections came off smoothly and with much popular support---“I TOLD YOU SO.”]

tell us how you really feel!! sentiments exactly..thank you for saying what i have been screaming in my home..the tv is on borrowed time..any minute now the shoes are going through the screen!!

[DUmmie flyarm admitting to being as NUTTY as Dummie Husb2Sparkly. Perhaps they share the same Meds.]

Dandy rant!!! I'm proud of you. Wish I was as articulate.

[Try primal screaming and beating your head senselessly into a brick wall for practice so you can be as “articulate as DUmmie Husb2Sparkly.]

You should have listened to William Pitt. I did what he did. Turn the bastard off. Turn you back on the little simian.

[That probably won’t stop Pied Piper Pitt from eventually pontificating on the Bush SOTU speech. But then sheer ignorance has never stopped him before.]

I am so broken mentally by this regime that I have a hard time to get going on a good rant.

[Don’t worry, DUmmie Husb2Sparkly can pick up the slack.]

I couldn't watch the obscenity, & I'm pissed at the American people for not stopping this f*cking demon in a suit.

[Thus spaketh Dummie mopaul, a vile bile spewer of much reknown.]

I can't stand to be around anyone ...who doesn't think exactly like you. Anyone who does not see the utter corruption of the Bush corporate cabal is stupid beyond redemption.

[This message of tolerance was brought to you by DUmmie tabasco.]

Very appropriate description of the Evil War Monkey King!

[Isn’t that how the CBC up in Canada also describes Bush?]


Blogger Icarus said...

So Bush is actually WORSE than Hitler now? Worse than Satan himself?

Are these people so dumb that they don't see that by using such overblown hyperbolic rhetoric, they entirely marginalize themselves?

What will they do if they ever see actual fascism? Real tyranny?

It's no wonder they didn't mind Saddam Hussein --- apparently rape rooms and decapitation and 1.3 million dead Iraqis doesn't compare to .... uh .... social security reform? The liberation of 50 million in the Middle East? Forcing free elections on a jubiliant population?

I'll say it again: people need to be aware of how Democrats really think and feel. If the DummieFunnies were posted in every newspaper in America, no Democrat could ever be elected.

It is endlessly amusing that the DUmmies fail to see how horribly they hurt their own cause. One sad point though: don't you feel at least a little bad for good, patriotic, mainstream Democrats? I really do feel bad for them ..... just as Islamo-fascists have highjacked Islam, these DUmmie types have taken control of the Democratic Party.

And let's see: White House - gone for 8 years at least. Senate - gone. House of Representatives - gone. A majority of state legislatures - gone. A majority of Governer's mansions - gone. Heck, the governship of state's like California and Kentucky - gone gone gone ...

You'd almost think a few of them would figure out that maybe - just MAYBE - they're doing something wrong?

Naahhhh. They're the intellectuals, right?

Keep up the good work, DUmmies. And may God (or the lesbian tree-loving culturally sensitive Goddess figure) forgive you for your ignorance.

9:47 AM  

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