Sunday, January 23, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 01-23-05 ("The Freeper Anthem by Doug From Upland")

The DUmmies have flamed our own Freeper (and DUFU Pingee) Doug From Upland in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “The Freeper Anthem by Doug From Upland.” Although they have tried to mock Doug From Upland, I have a feeling that he will have the last laugh with a DUmmie Anthem. So let us now open with the DUmmies quoting Doug From Upland’s anthem as we await the inevitable DUmmie Anthem from the songwriter himself. First we open with the lyrics of the Freeper Anthem as quoted in Dummieland. As usual, the Dummie off-key tunes are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

Can you hear the FReepers sing
We lift our voices to the sky
And we are swearing to our God
That we will all live free or die

[The DUmmies hate the latter phrase. They prefer “Live Free or Diebold.”]

Many brave men gave their lives
So that this nation could be free
If we will stand and fight
We honor their memory

[The DUmmies don’t like this song because the words don’t work right with “The Internationale” tune.]

England ruled from afar
Until the brave among them said
We won't accept the tyranny
We'll show them kings are dead
So they grabbed their weapons and fought and America's born

[DUmmies hate the Second Amendment so no surprise they don’t like this verse at all.]

If only they could "live free" AND die.

[I think that is what the DUmmies call “Revolutionary Justice.”]

irony , oh the irony had the freepers been alive in 1776 they would have all been the most diehard pro-George III loyalists! Had they been alive (and adults) in 1940 they would have been isolationist "American Firsters" or Silver Shirts.

[Funny how the DUmmies OFTEN refer to the Founding Fathers as “reactionary white guys.” Oh, and I hate to inform the DUmmies but in 1940, their beloved Bolsheviks were living in peaceful harmony and collusion with Germany due to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.]

Yeah, and guess who wanted to revolt in the first place? The Northerners! The immoral New Englanders! LOL, what a bunch of hypocrites!

[Better not educate the DUmmies with the fact that one of the most effective Revolutionary military leaders was the Swamp Fox---a southernor. Come to think of it, this DUmmie is too clueless to realize that George Washington was from the (GASP!) South.]

Damn, think of all those liberal yanks who decided in the 1860s that slaves should be free. All the conservatives (then the Dems, but times have changed) seceded

[Better not tell this DUmmie that Lincoln worked as a railroad lawyer. As to times changing, Al Gore’s father Senator Al Gore I (Dem) voted AGAINST the 1964 Civil Rights Act.]

"CAN YOU HEAR THE FREEPERS SING".....that is too f*cking funny...LOL..


I can just picture them glassy eyed and delirious, chanting away. (wish I couldn't though...I'll have nightmares tonight) WTF do you let these mentally ill people mix with those of you who are sane? Don't you have asylums?

[And I got a good picture of the delirioius DUmmies chanting away at the Inauguration Day ANSWER Rally broadcast on C-SPAN. Talk about mentally ill!]


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