Friday, January 21, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 01-21-05 ("Did you hear the Freeper on NPR?")

Just a short edition of the DUFUs in this edition, mainly because I want to find out what Freeper was interviewed on NPR as referred to in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Did you hear the Freeper on NPR?” I would like a transcript of the interview and congratulate the mystery Freeper as well as assure him that I am NOT full of blinding INSANE JEALOUS RAGE over the fact that he got to be interviewed on national radio about the DUmmies, a subject in which I am the most renown expert. Thus far, the closest I have come to being interviewed about the DUmmies was the time a couple of months ago when I called up Brian Craig on our local talk radio station and he hung up on me while muttering something about me being an “agenda caller.” As usual the DUmmie rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, still waiting on hold, is in the [brackets]:

Did you hear the Freeper on NPR? They had a guy from Free Republic on NPR last night that said ANSWER and Code Pink had allied themselves with Osama Bin Laden and the terrorists, and that giving them a bleacher permit in DC was like giving Saddam Hussein bleachers at the parade. WTF is with THEM and with NPR???

[All one had to do was watch C-SPAN2 last night. They broadcast that rally and there is NO DOUBT that ANSWER (and many DUmmies) have indeed aligned themselves with the terrorists (as well as Castro, the Chavistas, and the Sandinistas). My only gripe with this particular NPR broadcast is they did not turn to the TOP expert on DUmmie-ology for commentary.]

Hmm. That's the second time in a week NPR reported the protestors ties to OBL through a FReeper spokesperson. What is their agenda anyhow?

[Every once in a while the TRUTH accidentally seeps through on NPR.]

The first one was when they were interviewing about access for protestors and worshippers. The FReeper made the same exact comment and they reported it. To do it a second time seems like they want to reinforce that thought in listeners' minds. It is definately worth a call so they know we are watching them.

[And when you get NPR on the line, please put in a plug for them interviewing the humble reporter of the DUmmie FUnnies.]

You'd have to have lived in a cave... with no radio for the last 3 years if you don't know that NPR is officially National Propaganda Radio. They don't even make an effort to be balanced, you will hear a hour of bullshit from the right and 30 seconds of carefully watered down talk from the left.

[What alternate universe are you living in since it is exactly the REVERSE situation over at NPR.]

I've had it with What kinds of non-violent things can we do to f*ck with them?

[Asked to be placed on the DUFU PING List.]

NPR had a fawning interview with Karl Rove yesterday. It was pretty puke-inducing...I understand that he's newsworthy just because of his position of power within the Bush administration. But the whole tone of the interview was pretty obsequious IMO.

[Actually the interview was really very CONFRONTATIONAL. However, the electromagnetic radiation from the center of the Perfect Rovian Storm jammed the unfriendly portions of the broadcast, leaving only the few parts that would sound fawning.]


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