Thursday, December 23, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-22-04 PM Edition ("Anger is a positive force")

The DUmmies now are admitting a character flaw---they are not ANGRY enough. Yes, even though examples of out of control DUmmie rage has been catalogued in edition after edition of the DUmmie FUnnies, the DUmmies have now concluded that they need to be EVEN MORE angry as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Anger is a positive force.” Of course the DUmmies project their own “lack” of ANGER onto the NASTY Republicans whom they claim possess it in great quantity, which accounts for their success at the polls. So listen up, DUmmies: Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow! We are about to catalogue in this edition of the DUFUs, how your “discovery” of the need for ANGER. As usual, the ANGRY DUmmie comments are in Bolshevik red while the observations of your humble correspondent, filing his reports from the Dr. Buddy Rydell Center for Anger Management, are in the [brackets]:

Why are so many people against the use of anger? Anger is a positive force

[In the case of you DUmmies it has proven to be a counter-productive force.]

The Republicans whipped up the anger in their base and won control over all three branches of government. Why are we supposed to be 'accepting, reasonable and reaching out" to the other side? Why are we supposed to unite with them?

[Trust me. NO normal person wants to unite with DUmmies.]

Angry talk show hosts have much more influence than reasonable soft voices. It was the angry progressives that raised the bulk of the Democratic Party's money this year. If we had used their anger , we wouldn't be talking about recounts! I have been told That my anger is "bad" I should be more tolerant. Look who is winning! I think the problem is not that there is too much anger but too little. We should really get angry and not give these people any quarter. They wouldn't , and won't "reach out to, or build a consensus with us. The Republicans view elections as war with an enemy to be vanquished. We view elections as a "debate". Even now,the DNC is talking about "re framing the "debate" ! As though that would work in the face of war! Someone ,please tell me, what is wrong with anger? And why are the Repugs able to use it successfully and we aren't?

[Maybe because the “Repugs” don’t use anger since it sure hasn’t worked for you “reasonable soft” DUmmies.]

We have to be careful not to mimic the republicans everything goes out of vogue after a while. The angry act that the republicans are putting on (and it is an act), while successful so far will eventually get on more peoples nerves then it appeals to now.

[BINGO! You discovered why the voters rejected the DUmmies and their cohorts. ANGER. You wanna see a big example of anger? Then just look to Al “HE BETRAYED US” Gore.]

Trust me--I'm mad as hell!

[I believe you! I believe you!]

Anger is a motivator, but can be used for good or evil. It is wisdom that controls anger and directs it. Without wisdom, anger merely lashes out, and is a destructive force.

[Which is why you DUmmies are self-destructing.]

Exactly, Anger can be power, if you know how to use it. If you don't know how to use it, it can be really destructive. Often, it just plays into the hands of the other side.

[YESSS! Exactly!]

well, then the republicans must use it really well because it certainly didn't play into our hands! Why can't we use it as competently as they do?

[Because as previously pointed out by another DUmmie, you lack wisdom. All you’re left with is BLIND RAGE!!!]

It is the duty of the leadership to channel the anger in that direction and not dilute it into useless acceptance.

[Hillary seems to be very good at channeling anger…..when not channeling Eleanor Roosevelt.]

I'm German and I wouldn't know.

[ACHTUNG!!! You vill NOT be ANGRY! Dat is an ORDER!!!]

Bingo! You get everyone else angry with you. You keep them angry . and you win. Winning is fun! And BTW so can anger be. Don't you think it is fun to bash Bush?

Bingo! You make everybody else as ANGRY and NUTTY as you are. Then you form take that angry mob and have fun bashing Bush. Hey, who said anger wasn’t a positive force?]

People who don't feel strongly enough to speak passionately and sometimes angrily might not ever have much of an audience.

[It sure worked for Al Gore. He has developed quite a big comedy audience with his “HE BETRAYED US!!!” shriekings.]


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