Friday, December 10, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-10-04 (DUmmies Plead For Al Gore In OH "Vote Fraud")

The Electoral College lock their votes in irreversibly this Monday and the DUmmies are DESPERATE. So desperate that only one hero can now enter the scene and save the day for them. None other than Al Gore. You can read their plea for their hero in this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Time soon for Al "I got royally f*cked" Gore to step up to plate in OH?” Yes, they actually expect the wacky to somehow save the loony. So sit back and enjoy this edition of the DUmmie FUnnies Comedy Theater starring Al Gore in the lead role. As usual the desperate DUmmie pleadings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching from the gallery, is in the [brackets]:

Time soon for Al "I got royally f*cked" Gore to step up to plate in OH?

Call me whacky but I just read Mark Crispin Miller's report from OH (link below) and if OHIO keeps gaining momentum, I want Al Gore to be the face on COUNTING THE VOTES. Who better? Not Kerry like some keep pushing here. Al gave a great speech a few months ago. He has kept a super low profile. He is not running for office. As a former VP, he has boo-koo clout. It would be sweet poetic justice. Thoughts?

[Okay I’ll call you whacky but not as whacky as Al “YOU BETRAYED US” Gore. Yes Algore does have “boo-boo clout” because he makes boo-boos whenever he opens his mouth nowadays. It would be sweet justice to see Algore enter the tinfoil hat Ohio vote fraud fray. Since he would only further marginalize himself, the comedic entertainment value would be tremendous. Oh, and that link you thoughfully listed goes to yet another vote fraud money raising scam. I guess others want to horn in on that Bev Harris action now that she is banned from Dummieland.]

You are a genius henslee. This would be perfect. Gore could pull it off. Wish I knew him or someone close, I'd harass them with calls and emails.

[Yes, Dummie henslee is a great comedic genius. I can’t think of the many laughs I would get watching Al Gore screaming about election fraud in Ohio. Instead of “HE BETRAYED US!!!” it could be “HE DEFRAUDED US!!!”]

Love the idea. Shall we start an e-mail campaign?

[Yes. Send your e-mail to]

That would be a GREAT idea!! We could get Gore screaming fraud in Ohio, that would be awesome!

[“HE DEFRAUDED US!!!” Awesome!]

A fantastic idea. Gore has no political future anyway. Of course, he's just as likely as JJ to get reamed by the media for it, but f*ck it, Gore would be a big deal: it would force exposure.

[I agree. Algore has no political future.]

If Arnebeck can make the case to him, I'm willing to bet he'll do it.

[The loony making the case to the wacky. I like it!]

Great idea! I think Gore likes to hear himself talk and would love to be the face of this movement. How can we get in touch with him?

[Algore can be contacted at either the Fat Farm or the Funny Farm. Not sure which.]

:Insert Dean scream here: Al would gore Nazi scam!


So, we need someone who not only can gain access to him, but someone who comes from a really credible position. Or maybe we need a team to approach him. Maybe William Rivers Pitt has a suggestion? I know we have other journalists and Democratic insiders who read this or pop in from time to time. Maybe we should start a post called "Need to Contact Al Gore" and keep it kicked while in the meantime, we research other ways to connect with him. If, after he is located, he does not agree to jump on board, I'd be really curious about what his reasons would be.... Anyway, I think this is a great idea. Gore is perfect.

[Send smoke signals into the cyberspace ether. That should get Algore’s attention. And the only reason why he wouldn't drink the Ohio vote fraud Kool Aide is because he is too busy drinking iced tea.]

Al showed so much power & energy in his anti-Bush speeches during the Kerry campaign - he was phenomenal & would be fantastic if he got involved in the Ohio project.

[I say we should reward Algore with the presidential nomination if he agrees to provide comedy entertainment in Ohio. Why stop the laughs now when we could have lots more laughs in ’08?]

I want him to come out screamin'...... We are in the most perilous times in 50 years..... We NEED a PASSIONATE voice. I LOVE the idea !

[Me too! I LOVE the idea of a passionately nutty voice like Algore screaming like a maniac again.]


Blogger DUmmie said...

Keep up the good work PJ-Comix.

I am a DUmmie and I think it is funny.

I demand more recounts!!

More Votes for President Bush, Yeah!!


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