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DUmmie FUnnies 12-09-04 ("Blood-boiling ANGRY!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:")

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! DUmmie dmac is ENRAGED over receiving a letter in the mail listing her donations to Terry “The Jerk” McAuliffe and other loser Democrat Candidates as you can see in this Dummie THREAD titled, “Blood-boiling ANGRY!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:” I will let Dummie dmac lead off with the revelation as to the source of her bile. As usual the enraged DUmmie comments are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, enjoying the sight of boiling DUmmie blood is in the [brackets]:

Blood-boiling ANGRY!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

I just received in today's mail the most offensive piece of mail I think I have EVER received. The return address on the envelope has "Vote-Race" as the sender and then a POB. I opened this and enclosed is a single sheet of paper with the following typed in red:

DONATIONS to TERRY "the jerk" McAULIFFE: $ xxxxx.



and then there is a large sign like I have seen as bumper stickers: black background, with a huge white W and beside it the words:



(underlined in red and then the date,)

NOVEMBER 2, 2004

Man! What class, huh? Not to mention, what AUDACITY! given that their candidate didn't even WIN damn it! Instead of "may the best man win" the theme should have been "the best thief will win". I would give anything to know who sent this just so I could engage them in a battle of the truths - though why, I do not know, since these people wouldn't know the truth if it bit them on the a** if it says something negative about GWB.

Anyone else receive anything like this?!?!?!?

[No. I didn’t receive that letter, DUmmie dmac, but then I wasn’t stupid enough to donate to the Democrats. Have you considered powdering down the letter in order to look for Karl Rove’s fingerprints?]

that is odd...did it seem a mass mailing...they'd spend the money?

[Considering who was on the receiving end, it could also be called an “ass mailing.”]

were the xxx's the amount you personally donated? That would be creepy if they were tracking you personally. If it was generic, well, people are morans. Don't let it get to you.

[Too late. Apparently it HAS gotten to DUmmie dmac.]

Oh no - the x's were definitely the precise amounts I donated to the DNC (thus McAuliffe) and various other Dem candidates, including Kerry of course.

[ALL your stats BELONG to us!]

OMG...that's too creepy!

[A Perfect Rovian Storm.]

Were those YOUR personal donation numbers, the amounts you contributed? Was it bulk mail or did it look more personal? That's pretty fecking funny, actually. (Although I understand why you are mad.) But what a waste of postage, just to piss you off.

[After seeing the incredible level of ANGER elicited from DUmmie dmac, I would say it was a wise investment.]

focus your anger on removing the repugs. we all know they are liars, evil, crass, lack in morality, hypocrites, ...shall I go on. Let's keep on fighting to expose their theft of an election.

[Yes. Think POSITIVE thoughts. Every day, in every little way, I am getting angrier and ANGRIER!!!]

These idiots are really proud of supporting the most evil, hated, non-elected moron on the planet. They are all asswipes with NO working brains. Burn it ASAP.

[Burn, baby, BURN!]

Thats some sick scary, creepy, crap. Sounds like the freepers are sending mail How did they find you?

[We have the private profiles (and addresses) of ALL the DUmmies thanx to DEEEEEP infiltration of DUmmieland.]

Fund-Race! That's it!

I couldn't remember exactly what was in that corner but that was exactly what it was. How did you find this? And does this mean that someone I know sent this? Now I feel sick to my stomach. I think I would rather the Repubs be targeting all Dem contributors rather than think that someone I KNOW would go in and search to find who I supported and for how much, and then to send something so inflammatory.

I wonder sometimes if we will ever be able to really build bridges back to the other side. I have dear friends and family members that are firmly on Conservative turf - and we have all resolved not to discuss politics because it gets too personal and damaging to our relationships. I am finding this painful now. I liked it better when I was just mad.

Posters, please let me know if any of you get one of these. Then I will go back to just being angry.

[But we enjoy watching you at the current ENRAGED level, DUmmie dmac.]

this has got to be the most personally evil thing a person could do to someone. I can't imagine being so personally arrogant to mail something like that to my neighbors. Repigs really are possessed....

[This is even worse than murder.]

It's gotta be someone you know. Maybe someone you argued with, pre-election. No way there's a Repug mass mailing just to say "Ha! Ha!"

[Ha! Ha!]

Have the last laugh...send it to Keith Olbermann via certified snailmail and have him show millions of viewers what moral values it took to do a mass-mailing like that and have MSNBC do a follow-up.

[Even better. Send Keith the link to this edition of the DUmmie Funnies. Perhaps he might want to join the PING List.]

Don't give them the satisfaction of getting mad. Toss it in the trash, burn it in the fireplace, do what you got to do, and then go about your day working against these pricks. Getting you mad is exactly what they're hoping for. If you laugh it off and treat it as the pathetic stunt it is, then they've failed.

[Too late. Since Dummie dmac’s angry wail passed the DUmmie FUnnies auditioning process with flying colors, it has SUCCEEDED!]

Take it to the's evidence. give photocopies to the media!!!! hand them out to your neighbors (black out the numbers) they'll watch your house for you. dna when they licked the stamp!! get em with science - they hate that!

[Then compare the DNA on the back of the stamp to the DNA of Karl Rove.]

Someone nit-wit just made it up on their own. The "parody" of the credit card ad doesn't even make any real sense as a joke. Why get bent out of shape by slam mail from a bounder? Why give some empty-headed schmuck the satisfaction?

[Apparently the joke worked BEAUTIFULLY on DUmmie dmac.]


Blogger Ninja R said...

How in the hell can so many people be so crazily taken and believe it's the PERFECT ROVIAN STORM by people who check information available on the Interweb?

The paranoia is unbelievable., DUmmies!

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