Monday, December 06, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-06-07 ("I'm about to have a votergate orgasm!")

Ohio certifies it electoral votes for Bush today and you would think that the DUmmies would be in the depths of Depression. But no! Take a look at this DUmmie THREAD where the DUmmies are haveing orgasms of delight over....just WHAT???? Nothing specific only some FEELING that vote fraud in Ohio will suddenly be proved and that states electoral votes and the election victory will be given to John Kerry. Let us now take an acid trip down Fantasy Lane with the DUmmies as they leap for joy even as their last hope is about to die out. As usual, the DUmmie Delusions are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, feeling as if he is sitting in an analyst's chair is in the [brackets]:

I'm about to have a votergate orgasm! Doesn't it seems like the stars are finally aligning and things are about to explode???

[Bev Harris must be tickling your V Spot.]

No matter what we find the courts will rule in favor of their new masters. Yes, we can prove to the world and anybody in the USA who will listen that the election was rigged and stolen, but this government decided the outcome months ago and will not allow such matters to divert it.

[Our court system has this strange little idiosyncrasy. They demand that you present evidence, not fantasy.]

We Don't need the governments approval. We don't NEED their allowance of it. We will accomplish our goals anyway. Cause we are DU. We are unstoppable. We will plow through any obstacles in our way. We WILL NOT give up. We WILL NOT give in. We WILL NOT let them get away with this.

[Yeah but you need your orderly's approval to even leave your ward.]

We wouldn't have to call 'smirking chimp boy' President for the next four years, and everyone will know why.

[Good question. WHY???? WHY are the DUmmies suddenly have votergasms on the very day that Ohio's electoral votes are certified for Bush? Thus far in this thread I've seen not a shred of evidence of vote fraud presented. Or perhaps you merely visualized your own reality of vote fraud.]

This is going to be a battle of increments and attrition. At no time do I expect a single telling blow to be landed.

[What about the blow that landed on your head?]

Slowly, a damning pattern is emerging in the public eye.

[Yes. Mass delusional insanity amongst the DUmmies.]

I'm fluctuating between this being just a really low point in American history and this being the beginning of the end of our nation. Gonna go buy some more gin now.

[May I recommend Thunderbird, Vintage 2004. Either that or antifreeze will do.]

We're starting to see a multitude of organizations trying to shut down the discussion. They are ramping it up to shut us down.

[Or, more likely, laugh you out of existence.]

There is a kind of "tipping point" that may make something happen fairly swiftly. If the entire Bushco regime begins to look just too too dirty entire networks will need to distance themselves in a real hurry - if only for classic market reasons.

[The tipping point of your rationality was already reached long, long ago...and in another galaxy.]

And slowly but slowly he and his personal band of "evil doers" will lose all trust of the people. It will be slow but it will be brutal. They have come so close to having it all, in fact they may still get away with it, but if they do not their downfall will be large and loud. The best part will be the total discrediting of each and every one of them and the fact that we can finally fix our system of election so that we can again really elect our leaders. I continue to have visions of orange jumpsuits, it is about the only thing that makes me smile these days.

[That smile will be wiped off your face once you see that the person wearing that jumpsuit is Bev Harris who will be frogwalked into jail for fraud.]

We are not out to sway the government. We are not out to try and convince them "oh pleaseeee, government, we know you did it, oh Pleasssssse admit you did something wrong and leave? Oh prettttty pleasseeeee government".... Not exactly what we are out to do I wouldn't think. No. We will not sway them, we will convict them. We will not ask them to leave, we will have authorities do it via handcuffs. We will not fail in our mission. We will not fail our democracy. So help us God.

[LOL! I nominate this post for entry into the Delusional Fantasy Wing of the DUFU Hall of Fame.]


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