Sunday, December 05, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-05-04 ("Will Kerry become president?")

The answer to the title question of this DUmmie THREAD, "Will Kerry become president?" is something that many DUmmies just don’t want to face. Unfortunately for them, tomorrow Ohio certifies their electoral votes for Bush and ANY CHANCE of Kerry “winning” the election completely evaporates. Of course, that won’t stop Bev Harris and Jesse Jackson trying to shill money from the suckers by making them think they can reveal vote fraud. And it also won’t stop many DUmmies from visualizing their own reality of a Kerry victory. So take a wild trip with me down psychedelic lane to watch the DUmmies in all their glorious delusions. As usual, the comments of the acid trip DUmmies are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the bad trip, is in the [brackets]. First we start with a rare case of common sense from a DUmmie:

Will Kerry become president?

[A visitor from another planet viewing JUST DUmmieland would conclude that a Kerry victory is INEVITABLE. But continue with the rest of your post…]

Lots of threads on DU about election fraud and recounts. A lot of us are expressing hopes -- in some cases, practically amounting to conviction -- that fraud will be proved and that recounts will result in Kerry being declared the winner.

It's just not going to happen.

I wish fervently that it could. But surely it's clear that, with the connivance of the media and people like the Sec'y. of State of Ohio, the end result will be that Bush will be sworn into office on Jan 20.

I hope that everyone involved keeps fighting and trying, and I don't want to be a wet blanket, but let's be realistic. The bastards have everything under control, and they're not going to let things change.

[Yes, we have those Diebold voting machines preset to the Republican candidate. Voting is futile. Therefore, please stay home on Election Day in 2006 and 2008. All your BBVs belong to us.]

Kerry conceeded, why would he want to be president now?

[To score hot interns?]

It looks bleak. But something could happen tomorrow that changes everything. What if a whistleblower with name recognition who was in on it got sick of Bush's bullshit and decided to put an end to him?

[What if Tinkerbell dumped Pixie Dust on your stem cells?]

God knows the guy doesn't know how to treat people. There have got to be people who know all about this and can't stand the guy, and are trying to figure out a way to out him. Brad Menfil may be full of shit, but it is true that if our suspicions are right, then there's no way it can be kept a secret forever. When that happens, you will see something like the Ukraine on crack and steroids here.

[We are already seeing Uranus with a crack here.]

If fraud can be proven and if all Dem go to the streets like they do in Ukraine, things can change. But Democrats are mostly weasels lacking the fighting spirit. That's why we can not prevail over the right wing fanatics.

[Resistance is futile! Give up and return to your spider holes!]

I remain optimistic...there are "Temporary Restraining Orders"...and "War Crime Charges," and power of the people (as in Ukraine), and...I think it's NOT January 20 yet, so we're all just guessing for now. I'll wait until then, thank you. A lot has started to happen in the last week especially.

[Yeah, Bev Harris has been banned from DUmmieland so you could say that progress is being made.]

Moveon and Bev Harris will prove Kerry got more than 3.5 million votes than * and Kerry will become our president in January.

[And all Bev Harris needs to prove that Kerry beat Bush by over 3.5 million votes is MORE MONEY. Send it to her, NOW!!!]

Once the votes are certified and the Electoral College votes, it won't matter what anyone shows about the actual vote numbers. From that point on, the machinery rumbles on automatically toward inauguration.

[But isn’t that all just technicalities? Bev Harris said on the radio the other day that she can continue to raise money even if these things happen.]

Say 'Temporary Restraining Order'...The Electoral Vote can be put on hold by a T.R.O. in Ohio (or any state) due to pending Fraud suits being filed, and already filed. And last time (remember "Farenheit 911"), no Senator came forward to contest the Certification. This time, we're working on that. Email every Senator you think might stand up, and stop the process.

[Yeah, just put a restraining order on the Electoral College. Then have Michael Moore promise to sit on top of any senator who doesn’t stop the process.]

George W. Bush DID NOT win the popular vote; he didn't win the election. He IS NOT President. However, no matter if he does somehow manage to hang on to his usurped office, at least when the fraud is revealed, we won't have KKKarl Rove and his ilk crowing about their "political capital"..or their "mandate". Let F*cktard finish his four years; at this point Kerry would be walking into a mess not easily cleaned up (Iraq, the economy, etc.) that was created by Shrub, let those who broke it try to fix it. Not to mention the fact that his many criminal acts leave him vulnerable to impeachment.

[And realitity isn’t real. Please let us know when you return, if ever, to this space/time continuum.]

Can a minority congress somehow filibuster up an impeachment? How much political capital would they use up doing such an action?

[All of it. But at least it would make a capital comedy act.]

I don't think there's any way Kerry can defeat him. No one is going to be able to PROVE fraud. Come on, does anybody in the United States really believe that Ohio would set aside the outcome of the election. I'm not sure if Jesse Jackson knows this, but HE wasn't the candidate, John Kerry was!! Maybe if Kerry was out there yapping like Rev Jackson, there might be more crdibility to this whole thing!

[And what a tremendous level of credibility Jackson has!]

While the various anomalies and problems in this election need investigating, this battle is over. It's like sending your remaining battleships to chase the Japanese fleet after Pearl Harbor.

[More like sending your SUNKEN battleships to chase the Japanese fleet after Pearl Harbor.]


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