Wednesday, December 01, 2004

DUmmie FUnnies 12-01-04 AM Edition (DUmmies Becoming GUmmies)

Many DUmmies are now becoming GUmmies as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "I just donated money to the Green Party and will vote Green from now on." Yes, many DUmmies, frustrated with the Democrats, are now going Green. Therefore they would need to form their own Green Underground website aka GUmmies. So I guess today’s edition could be considered the GUmmie funnies. However, the comments of the GUmmies will still be in Bolshevik Red since reading green is hard on the eyes. The comments of you humble correspondent, laughing at the newborn GUmmies, are in the [brackets]:

I just donated money to the Green Party and will vote Green from now on. Sorry, but Kerry stood me up, and this time I am definitely NOT getting over it. 2004 was the Democratic Party's absolute LAST chance to prove they have the balls to stand up against these vicious, fascist Repuke thugs. Sadly, tragically, they FAILED, miserably. I must now look for others to protect my and millions of others' interests.

[When you can no longer be a DUmmie, go GUmmie.]

Kerry is still fighting for you! .........just kidding.

[Whew! You had me worried there for a moment. GO Gummie!]

My own suspicion is that Kerry is covering his ass(joining the suit in Ohio) with all of us who are mad at him for folding his cards so early in the hand. Granted, he's still not really fighting for us, but he did mention to the lunch lady that those big bad republicans are beating us up and taking our lunch money again.

[Even Kerry knows the Ohio recount is a hopeless cause but he has to go through the motions so as not to lose the DUmmie vote in his ’08 presidential bid.]

Kerry abandoned us.

[Go GUmmie!]

Kerry isn't a quitter and I honestly think that shit is getting ready to hit fan. We have to have faith in the man we voted for, for President!

[Yes. Kerry will be sending out secret hand signals to his DUmmie troops. Look for the subtle ways he adjusts his tie. They contain hidden messages.]

The Greens are the very reason Bush became president, remember? Stop this idiocy!

[No! Continue this idiocy. GO GUmmies!]

I submit that the Green party is fully capable of supplanting the Democratic party as the second party if enough progressives stand true to their ideals.

[And the upside is that the Greens are like a watermelon. Green on the outside but Red on the inside. GO GUmmies!]

Do we have some freeper on board? Here causing trouble and try to split Democrats. Go back to freerepublic. And by the way, how do you like a thief and con man for YOUR pResident?

[I didn’t like him at all but, fortunately, Clinton is now out of office. GO GUmmies!]

WHY isn't Kerry fighting????????????????? There is no answer except that he's a push-over and born again loser. I will not vote for those who demean and demoralize the democratic process in my country ever again. Sadly, tragically, it appears that would be Kerry, and possibly the entire Democratic Party. Sorry, but those are the FACTS, as I see them at this time and place.

[Kerry isn’t fighting because he is busy fundraising for his ’08 presidential campaign. GO GUmmies!]

As a progressive I have to support the party that is most progressive. The Democratic party is now a centrist party. They simply don't represent me anymore. I don't have any hard feelings. I wish them great luck, but I'm going to support a party that represents MY views most completely. Call me a freeper disrupter if you wish, but isn't that how it is supposed to work?

[Choices, choices. Which is the most progressive party? Do you join the Greens or the Socialist Workers Party? Choices, choices.]

I don't hate the Democratic party, but I just feel that I have to start being true to myself. The odds are that the Democratic leadership will again force a candidate like Kerry down my throat and next time I'm not sure I'll be able to swallow it so easily.

[Would you prefer the taste of Hillary in your throat?]

The Dem party certainly has the chance to put the progress back into progressivism, but every indication is that they are looking to move in the opposite direction. If that is the case then I would rather join the Greens and hope to moderate them into a more realistic party (election wise.) There are two ways to go. You can try and pull the Democratic party back from their rightward course or you can join the Greens and put your energy into making them successful. I think the only lesson Democrats seem to be learning from their losses is that they need to be more repub-lite, and that irks me. The other thing that really bugs me about the Democratic party is their unwillingness to fight BBV. They are getting bent over and f*cked hard by this issue and they show no inclination to try and fix it. That, to me, is totally unacceptable.

[Spare yourself the Vaseline while being bent over. GO GUmmies!]

Some here take the word "democratic" in the URL seriously. I have been criticised for being too liberal here, so watch it. I think this site should be called but it isn't.

[Goodbye DUmmie! Goodbye GUmmie! Hello LUmmie!]


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